Looking for human rather than human, 108 dogs are looking for him

The charge of the 108 dogs, not 101

Hi everyone, I am Apple the President of Trip For Dog, on this occasion I would like to point out a story that is very close to my heart, as it concerns the fate not of a single dog, but of 108 mestizos looking for a home and a lot of affection after giving a paw to the kennel of Olbia with ours Dog holidays calendar 2016 .

It is a real "small army" of quadrupeds, orphaned of their old father, a gentleman from Camporosso, near Imperia, who died at the age of 83. Unfortunately, the dogs are currently in poor conditions, all locked in a very uncomfortable enclosure and without adequate kennels and shelters. No family member intends to take care of these unfortunate friends, who now need everyone's help to feed themselves and defend themselves from the cold and disease.

Fortunately, the National Dog Defense League of Ventimiglia, a group of human friends very sensitive to the needs of us dogs, immediately mobilized to launch a campaign aimed at adopting the 108 mestizos, supporting the work of the volunteers who are currently managing them and raising the funds to buy the material suitable for their care. In some neighboring municipalities, such as Dolceacqua, other friends have activated to give greater visibility to the operation e we also want to make our contribution.

So why don't you make the decision to adopt one of these dogs too? Even if you already have one, or own a cat, you can offer a space in your home to one of these friends in need! I remind you that, before the eventual adoption, the dogs will be equipped with microchips, will be examined by a veterinarian to assess their health conditions and the females will be sterilized.

I would also like to remind you that the choice of taking an animal with you should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to a dog. If you need a delivery boy to pick up the newspaper from the garden or bring your slippers to you, you are in the wrong direction! We don't expect much from our human friend: we just want affection, some cuddles and a playmate, as well as the food and care needed to stay fit. In exchange we can offer loyalty, divertissement, heat why not, protection: for example, I am not very big, but when my two-legged friend is threatened I can growl very well and see how my heels turn ...

Unfortunately, we often hear sad stories of dogs and cats abandoned by people who treat them as simple toys: they give them to their children, and when they "get bored", they get rid of them without major scruples, or they leave in the summer on the street, because they don't know us and they don't know that with our site it is possible to organize themselves holidays with a dog without problems. All this is very unfair, also because we dogs would never abandon our human friends, we are able to follow them everywhere and we never get tired of them.

Just as we need people, they sometimes need us: I know many stories of dogs and cats adopted by elderly gentlemen who needed company, and who now live a much happier and more rewarding life; without forgetting also thehelp that four-legged friends provide to children with disabilities (our patience and love for the little ones is well known). In short, animals and humans were born to be friends and I will never stop remembering that friendship and affection are the two best things in the world!

If you want to help lend a hand here you will find all the references