The 20 most toxic foods for your dog

More toxic foods that dogs CANNOT eat

Hi everyone, my name is Kira and I am a beautiful crossbreed, they say my mom is a Labrador and my dad a German Shepherd. My best friend, who has two legs and is called Andrea, often has the bad habit of indulging in a few samples of his meals indeed, sometimes it happens that he shares with me what he eats to pamper me and reward me for my behavior ... I don't hide that I honestly like them very much. But be careful, here we are talking about home cooking by humans not industrialized baby food that is tested and approved!


Yesterday we went to my favorite vet Alice, who cuddles me and always makes me a lot of parties and I must say that happiness is mutual: she is always very kind and nice to me but I heard her give a "lecture" to my dad human because some foods he gives me are not suitable for me and can be very dangerous since they could do me a lot of damage.

I know perfectly well that my friend doesn't do it out of malice, he loves me as I love him, but I am his first quadruped companion and he didn't know much about us dogs before my arrival, he learns day by day like me.

She was recommended to point out that for me to eat cacao e chocolate, given the presence of theobromine, it is poison: even for my small-sized friends 50 grams are enough to poison them! It could lead to internal bleeding, heart attacks and convulsions, up to more severe cases and even death.

Also 'grape and sultanas could cause me kidney failure and even worse, as well as thegarlic and onion which would result in the loss of my appetite (but are we kidding that I'm not hungry ?!) accompanied by abdominal pain. Try to avoid giving us the sale which turns out to be dangerous especially if I don't have a lot of water at my disposal: it could cause me epileptic attacks to even bring me into a coma.

If you have something to celebrate, I have noticed that you humans use thealcohol approaching the glasses and screaming "cheers", here is the part of the toast and we like your smiles very much but we do not have enzymes suitable for the metabolization of alcohol and they can cause a lot of damage, give us a nice bowl of water and some biscuits suitable for us to participate. If you really want to cook something special, all for us, I recommend this book called "DIY recipes for dogs"

As I mentioned it too XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar and the products they contain lactose they are among my worst enemies because if I took them I could not digest them: for example they are present both in brioches and snacks, as well as in milk and dairy products: in these cases the problem that can arise is diabetes mellitus. For the potatoes the speech is articulated and we refer to a more information by clicking here.

In short, there are many foods that we cannot ingest and to prevent some of my quadrupedal colleagues from having complications, I thought of preparing a guide to print and stick in the kitchen so that the whole family is aware of it, even the little ones.

To download it enter your name and your email, we will send you the Guide to "20 Most Toxic Foods for Dogs", please take care of your little ones, or big, furry friends: they trust you, do not disappoint them.

In any case, the diet is like human beings, it must be made "tailored" according to the individual's organism, ALWAYS consult YOUR VETERINARY OF CONFIDENCE.

NB If they are small tastings nothing happens, you have to be careful that they do not ingest large doses.