The arrival of a puppy at home

What to do when a puppy enters your life

Hey ciaoooo!
I'm Babe, I'm a cross between an amstaff and a pitbull ... I look like a bully but I'm a buonaoooo and I'm a bit of a coward too! I am 5 and a half months old and I have already seen too many: I was locked in a box for up to 4 and a half months, locked up eh, so I have never known anyone or anything from the human world.

Then, finally, I was adopted a nice truck driver who, however, was on the road all day with his truck and left me at home alone. I was sad and cried all the time (echeccavolo I'm a puppy!)… So the neighbors complained and… they gave me to another family.

And here I am:
With a mom, a dad and 2 fantastic little girls! L'arriving at a puppy's home is often exciting, both for me and my new parents!
Just arrived I was almost 6 months old and I was very excited and very agitated (a little too much actually!), and also a little stressed by the changes I had to go through.

So I jumped on the girls, grabbed their dresses and pulled them, if they left me alone in the garden I dug holes, if they left me at home I ate the sofa and then I would jump on their table all the time, jump on their friends and sometimes growl if strangers tried to touch me (I was scared!).

At first it was a real disaster: I was their first puppy and they had no idea what to do with me! And I didn't even have any idea how to behave in a house and in the world… no one had ever taught me that (not we puppies are born learned about everything eh!)!

They didn't know what I needed to make me feel good, or how to talk to me, or how to teach me to do the right things.
They always said to me only “you don't have to do this and don't do that or that either !!! And noooooooooooo ”… and it was difficult for everyone: for me who was always being scolded and for them who didn't get what they wanted.
Then, one day my mommy discovered on the web to the free videos of a dog coach named Cristina Bordoni. She helps those who have chosen to welcome a puppy into their life to know him, to raise him, to start in the right way and to prevent problems ... and teaches all those things to do to raise a balanced, polite and happy dog.

In that moment our life has really changed.
In a few days, from those videos where everything is explained in a simple and fun way, my human parents have learned the things to do to make me feel good and not to make me trouble anymore, they have figured out how to communicate with me effectively and how to explain things to me and ... finally they stopped always telling me NOOOOOOO !!! Yay 😉
Thanks friend Cristina, without your help I don't think they would have understood me. And maybe not even kept.

If you too want to learn all the things to do to know, grow, educate, make you happy and prevent future problems with your puppy, watch the videos now, they are free.