At the cinema and theater with the dog
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Going to the cinema and theater with your dog or cat is now possible.

Finally after a long time they realized that we quadrupeds in front of the screens where you can see the images that move, that make noise but you do not smell the smells in the end we are at ease if we are obviously in the company of our best human friend and so to Vittoriale of Gardone Riviera, near Brescia, ea Ovada, in the province of Alessandria it is possible to go to the theater and the cinema with a dog.

At the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera thanks to the countryside Keep-in-mind on 4 legs in 'anfiteatro created by Gabriele D'Annunzio, also a great lover of dogs, it will be possible to enjoy 15 shows, from June 27 to August 8, together with your four-legged friend with some comforts specially designed for us furry ones: including bowls of water and some assorted biscuits. A great opportunity also to visit the dog cemetery located under the amphitheater where collars and leashes are exhibited with the utmost respect.

Al Municipal Cinema of Ovada instead, in the province of Alessandria, there is thethe only cinema in Italy where we dogs can enter and enjoy the show with our human friendsthe. It is managed by the D'Ardano sisters who have obtained permission from the municipal council to allow dogs to enter the cinema and it is also free for us!

We hope that also in the rest of Italy something will move and that they will let us be part of the life of our bipeds even in their daily life made up of not only home and work, in the meantime we have also geo-localized all the dog friendly museums, where we can accompany our bipeds on their visits.