A day at the Italian School of Rescue Dogs - SICS

An excellence famous all over the world: the Italian School of Rescue Dogs

Bauciao friends, this is Mela, the President of Trip For Dog.
We were guests of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs, the boys and the furry ones they save lives at sea. It is a special day for me and my human as we are at the opening of the courses for students and instructors of the SICS who turns 30 this year! To celebrate I want to tell you about the beautiful day we spent with them to show you the activities they carry out.

We arrived and we found them all framed and already ready for the day they had before them, focused and ready for action.

First of all there is the brief or meeting or whatever you want to call it: it is a meeting where all the pairs get in line and listen to the instructions of the instructors. Then, in packs, they move to an area dedicated to them and begin training on the ground. I know, I know it seems a contradiction to say so, but working on land for sea heroes is of great importance because thetraining is divided into two phases: one on land and one in water which is the most difficult part objectively.

The first part of the activity, as I told you, takes place in the meadows, under the trees in the shade: my 4-legged colleagues together with their humans (technically called conductors) have exercises and routes to do in a certain sequence dictated by the instructors alternating moments of play together... because we dogs have to have fun together with our human to give the best of us on any occasion.

This phase lasts a few hours and we took the opportunity to make some good shots and go around them without disturbing them, they are really beautiful people. I noticed, but also my human, that there is both passion and rigor, play and precision but above all attention to the emotions and the state of my 4-legged colleagues to put them totally at ease ... to tell the truth I found myself at ease the moment we met them.

To be honest I also fell in love with a blond named Dylan ... a Golden who while his human explained the basics to the new students gave up everything and came to greet me, well it will be the charm of the hero but I let myself be conquered without many problems ... it's that blonde below.

After this phase we head towards the lake all in a pack, in line for two, and the humans of my hero friends in the meantime that they relax a bit change and they wear wetsuits… Guys have huge bags with lots of stuff inside to carry. Obviously, every human has his trusty 4-legged friend by his side at any time.

We are all happy, including me, and I see them ready for the favorite part of training also because the sight of the water excites us all... and I do not hide it I could not wait to be released too and dive until the procedures of my dear colleagues were concluded and set out for the training of the pack in the water.

I have noticed that humans first wet my fellow men and then call them back to order in such a way that they do not have "dry dive" trauma also because we all know that session will be challenging but a lot of fun despite the heat.

We are in the wild with a lot of water at our disposal and the units are always concentrated ... because an indissoluble mutual trust is established, a bit like what I have with my 2-legged partner Marco: we trust each other whatever happens and we understand each other with a look, well I saw the same harmony even if we are much more cazzari and a bit ramshackle but we love each other like that.

School is discipline but also many pampering and play, rigor and sacrifice but wagging their tails between them made me understand to be happy and to give the best of themselves and in any case to have fun saving lives even if "only" in training.

Obviously we were all on a leash, each with his own harness but it is not a limitation for me or for them since we do not need to contain ourselves too much: we are all well-mannered and respectful. Once wet, each with his own lifebuoy harness, you return to your position, lined up with your partner, even if someone starts pawing with the desire to work and take a bath. Everyone waits for their turn. The climate is relaxed and there is a close-knit and joyful atmosphere. Attention, however, is important and we furry ones are always alert so as not to miss the signals of our humans.

This is just a tutorial but they have to train and learn well to be ready in case of a real emergency. In addition to swimming, humans teach them to haul a drowning person ashore to whom they will have brought a life preserver along with the support of their partner.

Taking the rope attached to the life buoy with their teeth, they pull up to bring the rescued person ashore ... I only bring my ball back to the ground and they throw me into the water 😀 It is a great satisfaction for rescue dogs to be able to save lives, I see them really happy and involved. But that's not all, this is just the beginning! To be a SICS and pass all tests they will have to jumping from moving rafts, from plates of SUP, patrol seas and lakes, stay on patrol boats, browse in Watercraft, seaplanes and the final test is the launch fromelicottero.

It sounds like a game but it's serious for dogs and promoted humans to achieve operational patent it takes 3 years of school, many sacrifices and commitments as well as a lot of passion. It is not a simple thing and not everyone is suitable for this volunteer career and I am not only talking about us dogs but also about humans. This year they saved 33 lives, half of which are children.

Volunteering with rescue dogs means always being ready. The instructors are serious and very attentive to every detail but they are good at getting in, having fun, especially the recruits who still have to understand what they are doing here ... The first impact with water must be a positive experience.

At the moment there are 400 operational canine units with 15 national offices and the school is a world-class excellence, they also teach schools in half of Europe and America. At each meeting there are new emotions but also a lot of concentration, precision and a lot of commitment on the part of everyone but also a lot of pampering, affection and complicity between humans and their best friends. I observe everyone carefully from the top of my experience, even if only as a serial traveler, I really admire 4 and 2-legged beings with such a big heart.

It was a day full of emotions and we experienced from inside what the guys of this incredible team feel, at least in part, of which we are very proud.

Oh I forgot a documentary film called Imax came out with Imax Superpowerdogs on the experiences of 5 dogs from 5 different rescue and rescue disciplines with hips Commander Reef, a Newfoundland symbol of the school representative of these activities and I can't wait to meet you.

Thanks to commander Ferruccio Pilenga who gave us the opportunity to experience closely, at least to a small extent, part of the training process of these wonderful and furry people who put their own lives on the line to save that of others and heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who made us document this experience with respect, we hope that you have also enjoyed our video.