The farewell of Oliver the dog of Antonella Clerici

Antonella Clerici's dog flew over the rainbow

Saying goodbye to my mom Antonella was not easy at all. In fact, the news of my disappearance was not entirely unexpected. In fact, Antonella and I over the past few weeks we have faced some health problems together which turned out to be more complex than expected. She, like all other humans, loved me very much and never missed an opportunity to play with me. We have done together holidays, long walks and adventures they were not lacking. Indeed, thanks to Antonella I often ended up in magazines immortalized in some very chic vacation spot.

The ones I spent with my human mother Antonella they have been wonderful years. Among other things, I remember that when we first met she had not yet become a mother of a human and they can say with no little certainty that our lives have changed together.

She has me practically treated like a son and I couldn't help but learn from her what one learns from mothers. What to say, then, of little Maelle, Antonella's daughter? My little human sister who he always considered me a real hairy big brother and has never made me lack affection and pampering to no end. For a few years Argo has also arrived in the family, a puppy that kept me a lot of company and that Vittorio, Antonella's companion and therefore my human father, had given to my mother.

One thing is certain: my human family is a real cyclone and I can do nothing but thank her for all the wonderful moments we spent together and for everything I learned from them. Our paths have now separated but I am sure that I, Oliver, will always remain one in their memory and that every time Antonella, Maelle, Argo and Vittorio go for a walk on the beach they just can't help but think to that furry Oliver who stopped to stare at the sea as if waiting for something to arrive from the horizon.

And now no more tears! Among other things, I know that Antonellina did not miss the opportunity to publish a photo of me on Instagram which, for sure, will have been full of likes. After all, I've always been a dog used to dealing with Antonella's fans who, over time, had grown fond of me too. When I was walking on the street, for example, many recognized me and caressed me as if they really knew me.

For sure, a lot of my notoriety was thanks to the paparazzi but also the social networks were no less. Antonella, in fact, over time has immortalized me on various occasions and then posted the shots in question on her social profiles. In short, it certainly cannot be said that I lacked visibility. I wish Antonella, Vittorio, little Maelle to spend many more fun and carefree moments like the ones we spent together in these wonderful and unforgettable years and I am sure that all of them will give Argo and the puppy that will take my place the same identical love. and affection that I have received and that every furry friend would like to receive.

I do not particularly like greetings and therefore, at this point, I let the post published by my human Antonella speak and tell our beautiful story, I leave it below. A big wooo to everyone.