Farewell to Piero from his mother Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis' dog is on the rainbow

I was really struck by the news that was made public by Elisabetta Canalis, mother of a little dog like me who unfortunately was unable to stay alive after a surgical operation that had become necessary.
Surely knowing such things is very sad, indeed I admit that a tear escaped me and that I immediately thought of my mother, but after all reading such news is a further confirmation ofimmense bond that can be created between us and our human parents.

For me my human mother is really everything, she is my whole life, and I'm sure I can also say the opposite, as a result I immediately identified with the great pain that Elizabeth may have felt.
Mother Elisabetta spent some very nice words towards her little Piero, this is the name of the Pinscher that Canalis has made known in lots of Social photos and in this article you will find some and that surely I had already seen in the photos that the former tissue published on the net.

Arrival Pieri! @i_pieri Comin'home to squeeze all 3 together

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using Instagram, Elisabetta Canalis wrote that she will never stop thinking about him, and this is really the most important thing.
And still on his Instagram profile you can read them many beautiful phrases towards her little one who, it is evident, she really loved very much and will continue to love forever, as it should be.
On the other hand, just browse Elisabetta's Social profile for see Piero in countless moments with his mother, even in particularly important moments, such as the months in which Elizabeth was pregnant and showed her belly.

There is little to say in the face of similar news, but once again I like to highlight the positive aspect: I often hear people who believe that the bond that arises between us and our human friends is sometimes exaggerated, but it is evident that they do not know what they are talking about!
Compared to our human parents we live much less, consequently we are almost always the first to leave the person who loved us and who placed us every day, but I know for sure that our love is able to go above everything, as Elisabetta Canalis confirms in her beautiful words.
I am convinced that we furry little ones have a "mission", that is to give affection to people who choose to truly love us and let us into their lives.

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After all, we don't do a lot for our human parents, on the contrary they are the ones who care so much for us by buying us food, taking us out every day and with many other small actions, but it is with our simplicity that we are able to reciprocate so much affection.
In front of such sad news then this is what makes me smile, the fact that the love that binds us to human mothers and fathers does not really fear anything and is absolutely very strong.

Obviously, I also want to address a thought to all my dog ​​brothers who have not had, like me, the good fortune to find a human friend who can really love him and in case you are looking for your 4-legged friend you can find it in map of all kennels that we have reviewed on the Italian territory.

I am so lucky, it is true, but I invite all dogs who cannot say the same not to give up, even if they have not yet found a mom or a dad, or even worse even if they have found bad humans.
There are so many humans out there ready to give you so much unconditional love for your entire life!

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