Luna Park for dogs in Milan
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Ready for a day at the "Luna Park for dogs"?

A Milan, my hometown, Sunday July 19 at the Cascina Monluè there will be the first Luna Park for dogs. The event is organized by Mylandog a Milanese association and from 19 pm it will be possible to play dog ​​and humans together.

There will be one mini pool, a great one meadow, one track for running it's a walkway to try your hand with your human by demonstrating the harmony you have.

There will also be some of our teachers that humans call educators and also different associations such as: our friends from My Pet's Hero, The Six-legged Life and Blue Dog.

There will also be a charity fishing organized by the National League for the Defense of the Dog which give a remarkable paw to our species. And that white Dog Sweet Dog van will be present, specializing in products made especially for us dogs so we can make our bipeds sweet eyes to let us taste some of them.

Access to the amusement park is on offer, but with minimum contribution is 5 € with access to all activities. The proceeds of the evening will be partly donated to Cascina Monluè, for its recovery by returning it to the city.

I will do everything to convince my human to take me even though I know we won't make it in time since we are traveling the length and breadth of the boot to talk to so many people for organize some wonderful surprises for you. In case you went, send us some photos! Good fun.