Where and how to go on holiday with a dog in Austria

Going on holiday with your dog to Austria it is really easy and not problematic thanks to adequate structures and landscapes where your 4-legged friends can live peacefully.

If you are about to leave for Austria you cannot help but know little, a few things about what you will find when you arrive in the country. Crystal clear waters, high mountains but also a fauna and flora typical of the altitudes of this country that offers sunsets and wonderful lakes surrounded by deciduous and coniferous forests that make the air sparkling and pure and our four-legged friends are super welcome.

To go on holiday with the dog in Austria is only allowed thanks to a valid European passport and with the anti-rabies vaccination made for at least 21 days or a maximum of one year at the time of departure.

Dogs have access to all trains that travel in the country and if small ones do it for free. All those traveling in a carrier or accompanying disabled people, they also travel free on public transport, otherwise they pay half the ticket, or a cost around one euro.

Certainly Top cities of 4-legged tourism are Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zell am See and Graz. As for travel by car, however, the same rules apply as in other European countries and therefore with the presence of the pet carrier, seat belt or the network.

Dog documents

A valid one is required to travel with a dog to Austria passport for the dog European Union and the anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory to obtain it, carried out at least 21 days before departure or in any case for less than a year. In addition, the anti-flea, worm and tick treatment must be reported in the passport, which must have been applied 5 to 1 day before entering the country. Animals must also have an identification tattoo or a microchip.


In Austria, 230V, 50Hz Type C and Type F sockets are used.


The currency in Austria is the Euro.


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website: https://www.ambvienna.esteri.it

Transport for the dog

By train with a dog in Austria

In Austria dogs have access to all trains: small dogs travel free of charge in a pet carrier, the following rates apply: 10% of the full price (standardticket) for routes up to 99 Km, 2 euros for journeys up to 90 km for medium or large dogs. It is possible to buy tickets only in railway stations, at self-service stations or in affiliated travel agencies.

In the car with a dog in Austria

In the car the dog in Austria apply the same rules as in other European countries: it must stay or behind a net o inside a pet carrier approved. For medium / large dogs traveling without a carrier is the use of the homologated seat belt to be able to travel by car without risking being fined.

Public transport with a dog in Austria (bus, tram, metro)

The dogs on Austrian public transport travels for free when in a pet carrier either they are dogs for the disabled or if the owners have an annual pass for public transport. Dogs that do not travel in a carrier must have a muzzle and a leash, and if humans do not have an annual pass they pay ½ ticket (for example in Vienna € 1,10)

Dog friendly ferries and boats in Austria
They are allowed on Austrian ships and boats all dogs for free and equipped with a leash and muzzle. Disabled assistance dogs can travel without a leash and muzzle obligation. NB We must always advise when purchasing tickets of the presence of our furry ones.