How and where to go on holiday with your dog in Croatia

Sea, sun and magnificent landscapes in Croatia and it is precisely all this that attracts millions of tourists every year. If we add to the environmental and climatic qualities of the country the comforts for our four-legged friends, the game is done.

Going on holiday with your dog in Croatia it is not difficult to just have the right information and be provided with a passport. But the documents are not the only things required since to bring your dog to Croatia you must have the vaccination booklet with you, which proves that you have carried out the anti-worm, tick and flea treatment from 5 days to 24 hours before arriving in the country. .

The same thing for the rabies vaccination which must be no older than one year. With passport and health card in hand, dogs will be able to board the trains in the arms or in the carrier if small or with a leash and muzzle for large ones. In the latter case there is also a ticket to buy for a cost of 50% of the ordinary one.

The top places to go on holiday with your dog in Croatia are without a doubt: Zadar, Korcula, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula.

The European rules (i.e. carrier and net) apply to travel by car while only small ones travel on public transport. There are also hotel facilities, B & Bs and hotels that allow your dogs to enter without having to pay exorbitant amounts.

Dog documents

To travel with a dog in Croatia, especially in summer, a valid is required European passport for the dog and the anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory to obtain it, carried out at least 21 days before departure or in any case for less than a year. In addition, the treatment against ticks, fleas and worms must be reported in the passport, which must have been administered between 5 days and 24 hours before entering Croatia. The animals must also be equipped with the mandatory identification tattoo or microchip which is associated with the identification passport by means of a barcode.


In Croatia, 230V, 50Hz Type C and Type F sockets are used.


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Telephone: + 385 1 48 46 386
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Emergency numbers

Police 112 or 192
Ambulance 112 or 194
Fire fighters 112 or 193
Rescue at sea 195
Roadside assistance 1987

Transport for the dog

By train with a dog in Croatia

In Croatia dogs have access to trains always with passport and health card updated with the following rules:
a) small dogs, up to 30 cm in height, can travel in theirs pet carrier or in your arms and travel for free;
b) medium and large dogs must be on a short leash (less than 1,5m) and wearing a muzzle. Train tickets for these dogs can only be purchased at the station ticket offices and pay the fare of 50% of their human's ticket.

NB if the dog is indicated as a "dangerous dog" in the booklet or passport, it will not be allowed on board. Only one dog per passenger is allowed and if you book a train with a couchette it will be compulsory to book the entire cabin and will not be able to sleep on the couchette. Dogs are not allowed in the refreshment carriages.

In the car with a dog in Croatia

In the car the dog in Croatia is obligatory to let him stay orbehind a net o inside a pet carrier approved. For larger dogs it is the use of the homologated seat belt to be able to travel by car.

Public transport with a dog in Croatia

They have access to Croatian public transport such as buses and trams only small dogs in carriers or guide dogs.

Dog friendly ferries and boats in Croatia

There are three shipping companies that allow dogs on board in Croatia:
1) Jadrolinija and SNAV: Dogs travel for free, access to the cabin is allowed only if the ticket is purchased for the entire cabin and not only for a bed. Dogs are not allowed to enter public spaces (lounge, restaurant, toilet and poltone area
2) Blueline: Dogs are allowed on board but only in the special areas intended for them (kennel on board) or in the external areas of the ship. Dogs must be muzzled (except guide dogs for the blind) and must be led on a leash. The access of animals is not allowed in public spaces (lounge, restaurant, cabins and toilets).