How and where to go on holiday with your dog in Denmark

The landscapes of Denmark are some of the most characteristic in the world. Cliffs overlooking the ocean, sea ​​and wild nature which surrounds a cities well organized, clean and rich in history, have always been the peculiarities of this country at the top of the tourist destinations.

Going on holiday with your dog in Denmark is simple because you just need to bring the passport and the booklet that proves the vaccinations, especially the anti-rabies one (made no more than 12 months) and also the anti flea, worms and ticks (no more than 5 days). Be careful, however, because the country does not admit breeds considered "dangerous".

Our friends a four legs can get on the train for free if they are small or with a ticket if of medium or large size. Even on buses it is possible to pick up your dog upon payment of the ticket and the same happens in the subway.

There are scattered throughout the country many hotels ready to accommodate you with your dog: Copenhagen, Billund (Legolandia), Odense, Aarhus, are just some of the cities that will allow you to have a accommodation for the night in the company of your four-legged friend or risk that it will not be accepted.

Note of honor a Billund which hosts Legolandia where dogs are welcome!

Dog documents

Valid is required to travel to Denmark with a dog European pet passport where the rabies vaccination must be indicated, carried out at least 21 days before departure and for less than a year. In addition, treatment against fleas, worms and ticks must be reported 5 to 1 day before leaving. The animals must also be micro-chipped. Breeds considered "dangerous" are not allowed in Denmark.


The current currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone:
1 DKK = 0.13 EUR, 1 EUR = 7.44 DKK


In Denmark, 230V, 50Hz Sockets of Type C, E, F and K are used.

Emergency numbers

Police 112
Ambulance 112
Fire fighters 112

Transport for the dog

Regulations for dogs on the train in Denmark

Small dogs in Denmark can be transported on trains free of charge, le dimensions of the pet carrier it must not exceed 100x60x30cm.

A child ticket must be purchased for larger dogs (reduced by 50%). On some trains, such as Intercity and Intercity Lyn, they must remain on the ground: they cannot occupy seats on the seats.

Guide dogs have access to any train for free.

On the subway with a dog in Denmark

Only one dog per passenger can be transported and it costs one ticket, in any case the staff can refuse the transport in case of crowding or if the dog appears agitated or nervous.


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