How and where to go on holiday with your dog in Germany

One of the most dog friendly countries in all of Europe is undoubtedly Germany. Great mountains, lakes and immense gardens and forests that make the atmosphere almost fairytale, this offers Germany to all those who want go on vacation with your four-legged friend and find yourself a stroll through huge cities or beautiful landscapes typical of the areas.

The climate is certainly not mild and if in summer the sun is often scorching, in winter it easily drops below zero with lots of deep snow. Going on holiday with your dog in Germany is only possible with pet passport in hand and with all the vaccinations in order especially if it is anti-rabies (done for a maximum of one year) and also the anti flea and worm treatment.

Dogs have access to all trains but they pay half the ordinary ticket, the route is free for small dogs. By car you always travel with a pet carrier or with a net but, in the case of large dogs, it is also possible to travel using a seat belt which becomes mandatory if they are not equipped with a pet carrier. There are many cities ready to host your four-legged friends starting from Berlin, passing through Munich, Cologne, Dusseldolf and ending in Hamburg.

Dog documents

To travel with a dog in Germany, the pet passport European validity and the anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory to obtain it, which must be carried out at least 21 days before departure or in any case less than a year. In addition, the anti-flea, worm and tick treatment must be reported in the passport, which must have been applied 5 to 1 day before entering the country. Animals must also have an identification tattoo or a microchip.


In Germany, 230V, 50Hz Type C and Type F sockets are used.


The current currency in Germany is the Euro.

Emergency numbers

Emergency Center Number 112
Police 112 or 110
Ambulance 112
Fire fighters 112

Transport for the dog

By train with a dog in Germany

Traveling by train with a dog in Germany access to all trains paying a surcharge of about 50% of that of your human for the same route and class for medium / large dogs and it is free for small dogs. Link to the railway company

In the car with a dog in Germany

In the car the dog in Germany is mandatory to use a network o a pet carrier approved. For medium / large-sized dogs, without a carrier, it is the use of the homologated seat belt by car.


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