How and where to go on holiday with your dog in the UK

The UK is the number one tourist destination in Europe and offers numerous opportunities: it includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The favorite destination for travelers is definitely its English capital, London where dogs have access to all parks. There are countless beautiful attractions here, starting with the iconic Big Ben.

Among the most unmissable stops, there are the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the National Gallery and the British Museum which, although free, unfortunately dogs do not have access.

Other top destinations include Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford, and Edinburgh. Going on holiday with your dog in the United Kingdom, can give the opportunity to discover other destinations, far from the big cities thanks to the transport such as trains, city buses and the subway to which they have free access.

Animals love nature and here you can find numerous beautiful locations, especially among the large natural parks in England and among the valleys and hills of Scotland, some castles accept dogs even within their own structure.

The only drawback can be the climate, as these magical lands are characterized by frequent rains and quite harsh winters. In any case, it is the perfect destination for spend a cool summer in the company of your four-legged friend.

Dog documents

A valid one is required to travel to the UK with a dog European dog passport and vaccination is mandatory anti-rabies to obtain it, carried out at least 21 days before departure or in any case for less than a year. Animals must have the identification tattoo or microchip. The anti tapeworm, flea and tick treatment and must be administered from 5 days to 24 hours before entering the country and must be certified by your veterinarian in two languages. NB THERE IS NO QUARANTINE SINCE 2012. Some breeds are considered dangerous and do not have access to the national territory.


In the UK, 230V, 50Hz G-type sockets are used.


The current currency in the UK is the Pound Sterling.
1 GBP = 1.11 EUR, 1 EUR = 0.90 GBP


14, Three Kings Yard, London, W1K 4EH
Phone: +44 (0) 20 73122200
Email: [email protected]

Emergency numbers

Police 112 or 999
Ambulance 112 or 999
Fire fighters 112 or 999

Transport for the dog

By Train with a dog in the United Kingdom

In the UK dogs have access to all trains for free. The use of a leash is mandatory and you must have a muzzle with you. In no case can they stay on the seats.

City buses and subway

Access to UK bus for dogs is free, with a muzzle behind them and the dog must always remain on a leash. TO London is allowed for all dogs to access the Tube (underground) except for crowding at the discretion of the controllers, they do not have access to the escalators instead… give a little sport it doesn't hurt.

Dog friendly ferries and boats in the United Kingdom

The routes by sea to reach the United Kingdom with a dog are: Dieppe-NewHaven (the presence of the dog must be booked by phone and only one dog is allowed per journey and it will remain in a cage in the garage for the duration of the journey) and Calias -Dover (much more complicated and slow due to anti-immigration checks) here you can find the Anglo / French shipping companies that allow animals. There is also a route to and from Holland.

Eurotunnel with a dog

You can catch up with your own dog the United Kingdom in EuroTunnel and the dog must remain in the vehicle for the duration of the journey.