Apartments that accept dogs
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Traveling with my human has always been fun, it has taken me everywhere in the last 4 years: Italy, France, Spain and England ... I learned to bark in many languages ​​and just today which is my birthday and I am 4 years old it is a day that we celebrate with the usual gifts, beyond my San Daniele bone (because it is only mine and I do not share it with anyone is clear) together with my best bipedal friend Marco we decided to donate to all our fans a gift of 22 € as a coupon for use with AirBnB where houses and apartments that accept dogs, in 190 countries around the world, there are so many and then it is not necessary to spend it immediately, it is worth a year… until my next birthday. Apartments that accept dogs Our new website will be online shortly with more than 500 dog-friendly beaches, thousands of 4-legged hotels with the best rates, ferries where we can travel together with our humans and camping where we can safely camp in the middle of nature with our family. Final touches and here we are, because traveling with us furry is a whole other thing ... admit it

There is something for everyone !!!