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Pet Therapy course for dogs, cats and rabbits

Hi Bau friends, I'm Belle, a gorgeous 3 year old Golden Retriever and I deal with pet therapy together with my best friend Elena, today I want to tell you about a great opportunity to become coadjutor dogs, cats, rabbits for pet therapyin fact, registrations are open for courses organized in collaboration with CESVIP Lombardia - Milano.

Pet therapy for many children, young and old, it is an important aid as it improves their clinical condition and in this way medical therapy becomes more effective. Precisely for this reason more and more animals are being trained with the aim of helping people in difficulty. Animal therapy has recreational, therapeutic and educational purposes, is used for example with hyperactive or autistic people. The success is due to several factors, in fact, already the contact with our very soft, beautiful hair, brings in patients a sense of relaxation. Of course you may think that a well-made soft toy could have the same effect, but it doesn't, because we animals we also have an interaction with the patient, we can immediately create the feeling right and gaining confidence. It was demonstrated that in the presence of the dog, anxieties decrease and heart rate drops, which is very favorable in agitated, stressed people.

Pet therapy is used especially with children, the disabled and the elderly. In children it stimulates the ability to learn and helps them to start becoming more self-aware by caring for and feeling responsible for an animal, it also stimulates creativity. Often we dogs for pet therapy help even teenagers, in this case we go above all to schools and we deal with the prevention of bullying. Our warm presence ensures that children are stimulated to reflect, even on their own experiences, and to learn reciprocity, respect for each other.

With the elderly, pet therapy is a valid help to overcome difficult times, for example when you are in hospital or other hospital facilities due to illnesses. In these cases, in fact, it is easy to experience a feeling of abandonment and depression and the help of a dog allows you to spend carefree hours, to relax and have a sort of recovery of optimism.

These are just some contexts in which we puppies specialized in pet therapy operate, but we alone are not enough, there is always a need for a human friend to help us along this path too. Precisely for this reason I recommend that you sign up for the pet therapy course.

This is a way to work in an innovative, fun context that can teach you many things and make you stay in contact with people who need us in order to get better. I assure you that after spending time with small and large patients, seeing them smile and feel better is a great satisfaction. People will be grateful to you and there is no crunchy, not even the most gluttonous, that can repay this satisfaction. Then to tell the truth they give me the treats too, but now don't think that I'm enthusiastic about the delicacies they give me, I'm an incorruptible dog ... ehmm so to speak 😀

Below you will find all the information and the link to be able to register or get better information about our pet therapy courses, you will see that the experience will pay off big time.


For information on the course write to Elena Sposito: [email protected]
For registration write to Manila Caccaveri: [email protected]
Subject: Course in IAA - pet therapy
Phone: 02.26145736
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