Arthur met his best friend in the Amazon rainforest.
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The "fantastic" story of how to meet your best friend

The Swedish team that participated in the Adventure Racing World Series in Ecuador, the competition that lasted six days and six nights: an extremely physically tough session that the four members of the Staffan team, Michael, Karen and Simon had to face but to which Arthur, a stray dog, was added met in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The competition in which they were participating is a path of almost 700 km divided into trekking, canoeing and cycling.

kulkukoira5j251114MH_ulArthur, the dog met, he was covered in mud and had a bleeding wound ... most likely he was also hungry since the team, having become familiar, decided to give him a can of meat and refuel him with fresh water: since that moment he has never separated from them.

He went through enormous difficulties from the mud to the crossing of rivers next to their kayak: because the organizers of the race refused to let Arthur get on the team canoe considering the weight (55 Kg.) but he without any problem he swam after them without thinking twice.



The team finished in 12th place in the competition, after 6 days of travel once they crossed the finish line the first thing they thought of was to have my quadruped friend examined and medicated by a veterinarian and to start preparing the papers to be able to take him to Sweden with them. The process wasn't easy but there incredible happy ending story ended with Arthur's arrival in Stockholm a few days later.

Michael, the team leader, said:
"I went to Ecuador to win the world championship and instead I found my best friend, Arthur."

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