Dog actors or dog actors?
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Finally Monday has arrived and I can sit comfortably on the sofa to enjoy my favorite program on television ... In fact, the weekly episode of Lassie. I can only dedicate a few minutes to tell you about me, then I want absolute silence. I don't want to miss a word of mine collie friend protagonist of a stupendous television series. Now, as promised, I will dedicate those few moments to you to tell you a little about me. I am a still young German Shepherd and my name is Rex. I've always dreamed of becoming a TV star in some movies too, maybe even having a small part, who has never had the dream of becoming famous? But my two-legged human friend never wanted to help me make this dream come true.

I once managed to talk to Lassie on the phone during the commercial and he told me a little secret: not even her bipedal friend had ever thought of taking her television career, until one day he saw an ad looking for a collie that had all his characteristics. He contacted the manufacturer and they agreed. For Lassie, a period of hard training, in a specialized preparation center that his human friend found on the internet, on the site He confided to me that that period was a bit tough; despite the gentle training method and the trainers' refusal to use any coercion on the animal had to work hard to become a star.
No mistreatment but absolute respect of you and your colleagues in providing them with a background of high technical level. She had to learn to shoot scenes that seemed dangerous to her, but she learned to trust the professionalism of her trainers who have a particular love for all four-legged friends and would never put her in real danger. He confided to me that it was hard to learn to face and manage all the commitments of the film set. No longer just moments of play with his friends but also hours of training and physical exercises, of Physical training and athletics. The results obtained, however, paid off abundantly for all the sacrifices made.

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After all, I have much smaller dreams: small parts and not the main protagonist in some movies. Although I must confess that I would not mind having the lead role, perhaps in a good series of detective films where I could even be a commissioner. How about??? But now it is enough to daydream; the movie starts and I don't want to miss a single bark from my friend Lassie. Here, I knew ... right now my human friend had to call me? I go to hear what he wants from me and, as soon as I enter the kitchen, I see him happy with a newspaper in his hand. He looks at me smiling and says: Look here Rex, they are looking for a German Shepherd for a detective series. The chosen dog will have to play the main role of police commissioner and will give the title to the entire series. I was thinking, how about Rex if we also participate in the selections? I don't believe my ears, my dream is coming true…. Already I see the billboards and the advertisement for the new film series… My adorable face on the screen and the title of the film written on it… What do you think, the title sounds good "Commissioner Rex"?

I go back to the living room happy, I look at Lassie on the screen and I say "Hi .... colleague". She seems to look at me happy before answering…. BAU BAU!!!! You may have heard only a dog barking, but his message of wishes has reached me ... He told me IN BOCCA AL LUPO, with a wish made truly from the heart. Who knows, if the audition I do is successful one day you will be able to see me on television and I promise you that I will be a perfect police dog. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the most important audition of my life, I have to make myself really beautiful for this occasion. If I am chosen I will have to start training but Lassie has taken away all my fears, explaining that trainers are all people with a deep respect for animals. Now I have to leave you, a last goodbye to my colleague on television to apologize if I won't be able to see her series tonight… I have to make myself beautiful to be able to dream of making mine. I greet you with one last BAU BAU, you can't understand my language, but I just told her… SEE YOU ON THE SET !!!


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