Bauciao friends, my dad has the beautiful custom, like everyone in the family, to read aloud to share the story with everyone including me, Mela. I like this habit a lot because otherwise I could never know the exciting and incredible stories they write about in the short stories. What I want to talk to you about today is

The dog friendly Milan that we like Bauciao friends, my name is Pongo and together with my papy we are guests of the first dog friendly reception house for the homeless in Milan. My papy, here I will call S., for his privacy he was a freelancer and everything was fine, or rather we had a house,

How to best spend a weekend with a dog in Florence Bauciao friends, let me introduce myself: I'm Mela, the President of TripForDog. I am a pure labrador-like mestizo and I have been traveling with my family since I can remember: I have undertaken many trips and with them I love to discover new cities. But above all, it is they who do not want

An excellence famous all over the world: Italian School of Rescue Dogs Bauciao friends, this is the talk of Mela, the President of Trip For Dog. We were guests of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs, the boys and furry ones who save lives at sea. It's a special day for me and my human since

Mountains, lakes, woods the important thing is to be prepared to walk with a dog in trekking Bauciao friends, I have always liked going with my dad to mountains and woods, especially when a pond or a waterfall comes out from the paths where I can dive ... of course I always ask permission first, otherwise whoever hears it

After the summer break, the pack outings begin again, join us Bauciao friends, after a pseudo break alternating the organization of new projects with a minimum of vacation ... in collaboration with our expert friends from Mylandog and iDog we have organized two pack outings very different from each other but at the same time very high

Selections of the most beautiful photos for the furry holidays calendar 2020 Bauciao friends, I know it will make you strange to hear about the calendar in August but what better time to take a photo of your furry friends on vacation while you are there? We know full well that there are 3 million dogs doing it

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Azzurro on Lake Mergozzo, Piedmont. Easy Route Bauciao friends today I share a new trekking itinerary compatible to do with a dog that we did on the Blue Trail above Lake Mergozzo, a fantastic place where we camped the night before to do it at dawn

An original gift: noble version of portraits of Bauciao friends dogs. It's raining badly outside, just for a change on the weekend, and yes I have to fall out of heat all week and when we could finally go out for a nice ride in the green in the mountains to stay cool and run around a bit

Hello four-legged friends! For those who do not know me, I am Oliver, a nice 5 year old Golden Retriever and for some years I have been living at Elisa's house, a very nice lady who decided to take care of me after my mother flew to heaven. They also live together with us

The baby food: one of my favorite things! For me, meal time is always the best time of the day, but only when I find what I want in the bowl. Before, when I wanted, I could suck my mother's milk, but now it's not enough for me anymore. Of course, all day I run, jump, play with

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Spirito del Bosco. Medio Bauciao route friends today I will tell you about the new itinerary suitable for a trek with a dog that we did on the Spirito del Bosco Trail, a magical and enchanted place that will please children as well as us dogs. The path is of

The little Bernese mountain dog is already a star Let's face it, friends: we too are entitled to a well-deserved extra-luxury holiday. Breaking the daily routine and taking a regenerating break is good for the body and spirit. But which hotel to choose? Believe me, if you are looking for a hotel where you feel at home

Why dogs have wet noses: between legends and reality Hello everyone, my name is Book and I am a German Shepherd puppy. Today I want to explain to all of you why we dogs have wet and cool noses. A question that I am sure you will have asked yourself at least once in your life!

Hello everyone, my name is Charly and I am a French bulldog puppy, so everyone tells me when they meet me at the park or when they come to visit me and my mom at our house. I am too comfortable at home with my human friends but it happens, sometimes, that I am left alone

Protecting dogs from the cold is not a trivial matter How many times, bipedal friends, have you happened to look out the window, during an autumn afternoon, and watch the wind blow, shiver at the thought of having to go out? You thought, “Brr, winter has arrived! It's time to take out your coat! " Here, this also happens to

Dog trekking in Liguria with a dog. Medium or easy path if done in reverse. This time my human really surprised me: it is always recommended to check the weather but this time he wanted to take a risk, even when in doubt, and in fact we took all the water in the world for at least half the way ... and