Dog bathing: Emilia Romagna reminder to the Municipalities for access to the sea

Finally dogs are moving for bathing in Emilia Romagna

Now that I am almost 10 years old I remember more and more often the first time my best friend took me to see the sea. I was little more than a puppy and I loved two things to death: the new discoveries and the gesture with which I could free myself from the leash. I never imagined it could exist in the world a shocking wonder like the sea: I still remember the overwhelming smells and the raids on the sand. At first I was very suspicious. The ground was soft and my paws sank, small hard grains rose and slipped under the hair, stuck on the nose, on the hair of the mustache and even between the gums. The smells were many but if I tried to bring my face closer to the ground it tickled me. My best friend ran and urged me to chase him, so it couldn't be bad, I thought, so I started running and every leap of mine there were squirting from all sides: crazy cool! It was really a lot of fun, everyone around was laughing ... at least those who woke up early like us, and yes because the sea has always been forbidden for us in Emilia Romagna except for a few small exceptions. Ravenna, San Mauro Pascoli and a Cesenatico.

But the best was yet to come: running on that soft mass and shaking I had taken a liking to it when my paws touched something fresh and liquid: thewater!!!

Like that of the bathtub for the bathroom, but different: salty. And then there was no shampoo in the eyes. My best friend moved very naturally and it came naturally to me to follow him, disappeared into the water but showed no signs of fear so I followed him too and in a short time I realized that I had nothing under my paws and that having learned to swim without knowing how to do it, he explained to me that it is a matter of instinct. I moved free, without contact and almost completely immersed in the water and the smell of algae! It was a sublime feeling. Obviously we were outlaws, as my father said, because despite the thousand beaches for dogs in Emilia Romagna we dogs were not allowed to enter the sea.

Finally the Region Emilia Romagna remove any doubt from this nonsense about dog bathing in the sea: "There are no obstacles of any kind for the free access of pets on the beach and especially in the water. Now it is up to the Municipalities to issue the correct ordinances each in their own Municipality".

Now the mayors have no more excuses!!! Even all my dear 4-legged colleagues agree that it is an absurd limitation and finally someone has noticed it because how repeats the Region there is no obstacle to allow animals to enter the water, obviously you must have the health card in order, but who does not have it ?!

And we want to talk about the races where the water just wets the hair of the paws with the wind blowing through the fur? And the run-up with dip in the wave? I was used to finding small lizards among the brambles of the forest where my friend usually took me for a run. But here was a whole world of strange creatures ... Little dark insects jumping on the sand and big birds moving on the water to chase, in short, a fun as a little outlaw.

Getting in and out of the water, throwing myself dead weight in the sand with his hair all wet and running at breakneck speed I liked it so much in the dunes that my friend got into the habit of taking me to the beach as soon as he could and even if the weather was not really nice he made me take long walks, always very early in the morning or late in the evening... in short, when there were still those pain in the ass who were disgusted by my mere presence and usually they are the ones who punctually left a pig when they went away ... go to understand these humans, they are really strange.

Once we came to a place where the sand ended and rocks began and rocks and for me it was beautiful to climb on one of those stone slabs and stand still and watch the infinite and listen to the waves roar against the shore, I have a lot of photos while I do the romantic. But it was wonderful to make your way between one rock and the other and one of those times I witnessed a fantastic sight: a small shiny and earless being that jumped out of the water, remained suspended for a moment and then disappeared in the waves, I think. they are called fish.

No matter how careful I was, I couldn't figure out where it came from and how it disappeared, but it was sensational. I must have looked really shocked if my human friend looked at me and laughed heartily. Then everything became more difficult all of a sudden. Many times we would arrive there on the waterfront but he didn't even let me get out of the car, I could only feel his disappointment, which was also mine watch the sea from the street, Yes sure in some bathing establishment they let me in but having a nice run by the sea or a healthy bath is not allowed and it is quite another thing friends… I am really happy that the Emilia Romagna Region has moved to give us a paw for the absurd situation of dog bathing. See you on the Riviera between a piadina, and hopefully soon, also for a bath all together ... Here you will find all the hotels in Emilia Romagna that accept dogs.