Children reading fairy tales to dogs
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Dogs pampered by little humans

Greetings to all of you human friends, my name is Joe, I am 4 years old and I am a cross between a Setter and a German Shepherd.
I live in the United States, more precisely a Saint Louis, in the state of Missouri.
I currently live in a center of Humane Society of Missouri dog shelter and I want to tell you my story.
I was born to my mom Judith, in a courtyard, hidden by two garbage cans.

4 other puppies were born with me, our mom was so proud of the 5 little masterpieces she brought into the world, who just after having cleaned us up a little, with a lot of affection, immediately went to call Harry, the gentleman who took care of her.
We couldn't wait to meet this new two-legged friend, whom Mom trusted so much.
Unfortunately though, Harry wasn't very happy to see us.
He got very angry with our mom for having us born in her yard.
We were only able to stay with Mom for two months, and as we started to be a little more independent, Harry took steps to get rid of us.

Three of us were adopted almost immediately, while my sister Leah and I were abandoned in an alley, where we lived on the street for 3 years.
At that time, we saw all sorts of things: to eat something, we had to go rummaging through the garbage cans, and humans always got very angry.
Some yelled at us and others threw us out without much trouble.
I always thought my mom was naive to trust humans, because the ones I knew were all bad. Then one morning, while I was walking around looking for food, two boys approached me and wanted to catch me. I growled, barked, tried to bite them .. I did everything to scare them, but they didn't give up and they caught me.
They took me to the Humane Society of Missouri, where I received a blanket, a bowl full of food and fresh, clean water.
Initially I didn't want to eat, I just didn't trust those hairless bipeds! Why were they helping me?
In the end I couldn't resist, and I had a good feast.
In the following days they continued to bring me food and water, and I growled as much as possible: I wanted to eat, sure, but I didn't want them to hurt me!
After a month, however, something changed. One day, a human puppy arrived in front of my box and smiled at me.
To her smile, I responded by barking and growling as loud as I could, but she had been prepared for this and wasn't scared. She sat in front of my box and started reading me a story.

That little girl was called Annie, and ever since she came to see me at least once a week. Already after a few meetings, I began to trust her, she seemed harmless .. She reminded me a little of me when I was still with my beautiful mother.
Meeting after meeting, I learned that listening to Annie's voice made me feel good.
Annie also seems to have learned something, because compared to three months ago, when we started, she reads much better!
I'm still very afraid of humans and if someone makes a sudden movement, I get scared easily.
But my little friend taught me that not all humans are bad.
Now I also allow the volunteers of the center to come close to me and they have told me that if I still make some progress, maybe I will find a family with children like Annie, willing to love me and make me forget the wickedness of men.
I hope this initiative will soon spread around the world, to help those like me, to whom everyone has turned their backs.
Who knows, maybe one day my sister Leah will be able to learn what Annie made me learn.

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