Bau Bar for dogs

Finally the first Bau Bar for dogs in Italy.

Hi, my name is Gimmy e I am a mixed breed dog who lives in Turin with Camilla, a lady so kind that one day she saw me near her door, all alone and abandoned, and she decided to invite me to her house, since that moment we have never left. Camilla and I do many things together, we go for a walk, to play in the park, to look at the shop windows in the center, we never separate. Pet-friendly places are the ones we avoid because I don't like waiting outside, especially when it's raining or cold. Camilla is not a person who likes to have a lot of social life after work there are few activities that she likes to do but in particular she prefers to go out with me and go to places where I can have fun and feel comfortable. And, in the last period, given the total absence of public places where dogs are welcomed, we went out very little. Fortunately, things have changed, thanks to an invitation from Pamela, a friend of ours who has a very nice dog, who invited us for a coffee at Bau Bar, right here in Turin in Corso Francia 131 / B.


Bau Bar is not just a dog friendly bar, that is a dog bar, but it is a beautiful and comfortable place where dogs and humans can be together, spending a few hours in company. The typical clientele of this place is represented by animal lovers, who finally they can meet bringing their loved ones with them, without leaving them waiting outside. The Bau Bar provides daily balanced menus, full of important nutrients which do very well and that the animals can consume in special bowls made available, together with fresh water. The intent of the bar is to create a situation of full sharing, with the comforts of a private home but, at the same time, with the relaxation and fun of being in a place open to the public.
Dogs are spoiled and pampered with morsels and croquettes or other tasty snacks and their companions, on the other hand, can enjoy the baked goods made with artisanal methods, both sweet and savory, and coffee, fruit juices or always inviting cocktails.


When Camilla and I first entered the Bau Bar we were both thrilled, thanks to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and we were served with cordiality and competence. The managers of the restaurant were inspired by the great passion for animals, taking a cue from commercial realities present in other cities of the world, such as Paris or London. I met many nice dogs and finally I got to play a little with them while Camilla chatted amiably with other customers. In my opinion, the Bau Bar in Turin is an extraordinary example of a dog bar because it reflects the 100% dog friendly principles which provide for the total insertion of dogs into the life of humans. Now, as soon as we manage to find a free moment, let's jump in, let's say that the place has become our main meeting place, in fact in the morning my dear mother, after taking me with her for a jog, loves having breakfast there, and evening for the aperitif we are regular guests.


The Bau Bar, therefore, is the most innovative dog friendly place in Turin, which welcomes, with elegance and professionalism, both us dogs and humans, preparing menus that change daily, based on fresh and genuine ingredients. The venue embraces the zero km philosophy, that is the products available in the Piedmontese countryside, grown and made according to the ancient tradition, not treated or added with chemicals. For dogs, the choice is very wide, both as dry food, with treats, snacks and sticks, and wet, all served with the utmost cleanliness. Finally, at the Bau Bar we can all be together, in a cheerful and lively environment, perfect both for relaxing and for spending a convivial evening. Reservations are not necessary, except for special events or celebrations, and from morning until evening you can enjoy cocktails and delicious dishes that caress the palate of everyone, dogs and not.
I recommend the Bau Bar to all my four-legged friends, definitely not to be missed.