Bau, in the operating room
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JJ the first bau in the operating room

I had a great life lesson today!

I am a Maltesian and very grumpy. I must admit that I do not trust anyone and I consider myself a good 'Red Cross nurse'. Do you want to know how I do it?
Well, in the dog area of ​​the park where my bipedal friend often takes me, there are many of my friends who fight from morning to night with disastrous consequences. The other day the chiwawa Skippy, had a fight with the black poodle always shorn in the latest fashion.

He demanded that he go get the ball he had thrown over the fence. Needless to say, little Skippy didn't want to get under the fence, otherwise his friend would have scolded him. A terrible quarrel was generated and the one who suffered the most was the little chiwawa who I licked and cheered up until his human friend calmed him. What a bum!

Well, this is me and I often intervene in episodes like this so much to brag as I often think I'm the best in the field of humanitarian actions, that's why I'm haughty and proud.
Until a few hours ago this was my thought and precisely until before I had listened to the news along with my favorite biped.
They talked about a terrier called JJ who is Kaelyn Krawczyk's trusted friend, a 7-year-old girl suffering from a disease with a difficult name... I think it's called 'mastocytosis'. This little friend lives in 'North Carolina' and is often caught by asthma attacks that weaken her to the point that she could die.

So far, almost nothing strange because unfortunately even our little friends are destined to suffer but at a certain point, the gentleman who was reading the news said something that made me ashamed of myself! Said that JJ was trained to understand when the baby is about to feel bad. Think, he goes around in circles when he believes that asthma attacks are not serious while he barks furiously when the situation worsens so that the parents immediately run to give her the first care.

The doctors of the Duke University Medical Center they allowed JJ to enter, the first bau in the operating room to witness an operation for her friend and that outstanding colleague of mine was capable of predict all reactions of her bipedal friend even those of anesthesia!

I felt very small and very silly! But how do I pretend to put on airs if I don't even do a quarter of what JJ does? I would do well to inquire about how useful the pet therapy instead of acting like a vamp!
So dear friends, I tell you in advance. I have decided to talk seriously with my beloved friend and I want to use my skills to help these little friends who are forced to stay in a hospital bed. What I have told you is not the first case in which they use dogs as emotional support to make a person heal faster or to make them understand when the medical staff must intervene.

I want to become like JJ who despite being so competent, does not have the slightest hint of pride on the contrary, he performs everything with great modesty! And who knows, one day maybe, I might even crown my dream of love with JJ who is medium sized and hairy like me. God what a scoop! It would be a great achievement, two good nurse dogs who are experts in Pet Therapy!
I'll let you know folks, count on it!

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