Bibione: holidays in a hotel for dogs

Dog holidays in Bibione: hotel and 4-legged activities

But how beautiful Bibione is! Charlie's word! Let me introduce myself, I am a 5 year old mixed breed. Particular signs: incurable plague! I love to run around and have fun, but always in the company of my best bipedal friend: Giovanni.

Like me, he is also a lover of fun and for this reason we chose Bibione for this year's beach holidays. Never a choice was more appropriate! Bibione is the perfect beach for bipeds and quadrupeds who want to have fun together: for us there is in fact Pluto beach, which offers us umbrella, deckchair, bed for him and me, bowl and leash.

The best part? I can finally take a bath with my BFF (Best Friend Forever) whenever I want and like! In front of the beach there is in fact it mirror of water where we can swim in peace with our best friends. Anyway, once I get out of the water I have mine custom hand shower to wash ... a little shake and I'm ready to splash out in the sun and enjoy some well-deserved rest! And Giovanni doesn't have to worry about anything, because Pluto's beach in Bibione has a team of friendly humans ready to help us and show us the veterinary friends ready to give us a hand - you know how it is, sometimes we suffer from the heat too! For us there is also the free service of veterinary ambulance, equipped with everything you need for immediate intervention in an emergency: oxygen, stretcher, microchip reader and medication kit.

And when I feel like going wild, there are the agility courses with qualified instructors, or the walks in the pine forest with trekking routes made especially for us, to be able to walk peacefully and blissfully in the fresh air. And for my more vain friends and friends there are also the beauty contests like "Reginetto and Reginetta with four and two legs"!

Our holiday in Bibione was also special because we found a hotel made especially for the holidays for me and my best friend on two legs: Olimpia Hotel. Hotel Olimpia is thedog-friendly hotel which at a small price gives us bowl, cot and access to Pluto beach, so we don't have to worry about anything and just enjoy our well-deserved holidays!

But remember, forgetful bipeds: don't forget to bring the health card where all the vaccinations are indicated, because it is important to have fun on vacation, but it is even more important to do it safely!