Boris, the first dog to put his paws in a kindergarten

Pet therapy with a dog in kindergarten

Bau Bau, my name is Doggy, I know the name is not original, but I didn't choose it and the girl I live with couldn't have chosen at the same time an exceptional dog and a splendid name, I pretend that I like it to make her happy .

Today I got great news, maybe I will be able to go and teach the kindergarten children. My friend Boris (Golden Retriver like me), in fact, was entered as "New teacher" in Graziella Fava nursery school in Bologna. Here the teachers and educators are truly exceptional and have asked to have a dog in kindergarten.

Like me Boris is trained in pet therapy and therefore my role, if I can follow my friend's footprints, will not be simply entertaining the children or letting my ears and tail be scrambled (which I would prefer to avoid), but educate children and teach them to live in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The dogs used in the nursery are part of a real educational project. The pet therapy that my colleague Boris carries out at school it is not a real cure, like what animals like me do in hospitals or physical and psychological recovery facilities, but it is aeducation to feelings. With children who are a little shy, who may not want to leave mum and dad in the morning, who cry, we are committed to helping them to overcome this little moment of weakness. Shy children can learn to have more self-esteem, be self-reliant and feel stronger. We also help them with the game to socialize with other children, among other things when they throw me the ball or caress me all together with their delicate hands I really like it so much. With children, however, a little more lively, and who may one day become little bullies, our role is even more important because we teach how to take care of another living being.

With me and with Boris children can listen to our needs, develop sensitivity e understand the pain of others.
Boris was only the first dog to put his paws in a nursery and I admit that I would like to become the second and immediately start being with the children, after all I am already trained and ready for this new adventure.

My dream is to help children and parents to accept dogs as an integral part of society and to recognize our important educational role because unfortunately still today the adults who treat us badly are many and have not understood that we, on the other hand, love humans and we would do anything for them.

Boris's adventure in the nursery is also important because there are still many adults who are afraid of dogs and transmit the same completely unfounded emotion to their children. In reality, we like children and if we do not feel in danger we are harmless, in kindergarten we are always supervised by adults who, if they realize that they overwork us, make the children understand that we suffer. If they take us to the vet we are always healthy and we do not risk contracting diseases that we can then transmit to humans.

If I too go to teach at the nursery, like my colleague Boris, the children will be able to understand that we too are living beings with feelings and if they treat us badly we suffer like everyone else, indeed maybe more and they will surely become men and women who will have no qualms about bringing their own dog on vacation.
Greetings friends and see you next time!