No New Year's barrels campaign

We present the 2015/16 campaign "No New Year's barrels" and this year we have not censored ourselves ...


For humans it is a day of celebration and fun, for all of us animals it is a real nightmare, loud noises such as bangs, sudden and repeated are the cause of many deaths every year in our canine species and also in the feline one.

campaign-no-barrels-2016-fbWe dogs have much more sensitive organs of your humans: our hearing is finer and we are able to perceive sounds that humans cannot hear: in us furry ones (dogs or cats) terror is unleashed when barrels explode almost always making us run away in some corner, apparently more "safe" for us ... many of us lose our orientation and risk being hit by cars if they are close to roads, others, on the other hand, cannot hold their hearts in fear.

Dear humans, below we give you some advice and share them, for those who do not know how to behave it is very useful:

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  • avoid leaving your four-legged friend alone especially outside (balconies, terraces, gardens) ... they are part of the family, aren't they ?! We celebrate together;
  • behave naturally avoiding reassuring your friend on all fours with caresses or with a tone of voice different from what is usually used because your attitude would only increase his fear;
  • If your friend will choose to hide in a secluded place in the house, such as the closet or under the bed, leave him free of his choice;
  • try to dampen the noise inside the house closing the curtains, shutters or shutters so that the noises of the explosions are a little more muffled inside the house;
  • minimize noise explosions turning on the TV or radio at high volume;
  • make it disappear dangerous items with which they could get hurt during any escapes;
  • in case your animal friend is cardiopathic, hypersensitive, delicate or elderly ask your veterinarian for advice of trust;
  • remember put his medal around your friend's neck if he manages to give it to himself it will be easier to track him down;
  • To close any gates or doors and windows to prevent access to the outside;
  • Please note that for any health emergencies you can call 118.

[/ List]

Happy holidays to all but WITHOUT BARRELS! BAUUUUUUU