Dog love and fantasy: everyday scenes of a close-knit pack

All you need is a dog of love and imagination

Hello everyone! My name is Athena, I am almost four years old and I am a Chihuahua. I am super proud because my mom has written and drawn a book about me and my big brother Arthur, and it seems right that I express my opinion, since the real protagonist is me. Yes, of course, Arthur too, but above all me. Let's start from the beginning though.

The comic is called "Dog Love and Fantasy". Cute isn't it? I think that in a house where there is at least one dog, love and imagination are never lackingdon't you think? And if the dogs are more than one, even better, of course there will be no shortage of funny scenes to immortalize, as our mother Paola did. A comic about dogs, especially me, can only be hilarious, and I'm sure you'll agree when you read it too. It will allow you to open a window on our world, a wonderful world made to measure for a dog, in which the mother tells about our adventures, our strengths and weaknesses, and the way in which dogs and humans find themselves interacting day by day, sharing joys and defects, love and family .

I warn you, those who do not love dogs will not be able to appreciate the subtle joy of finding the car seats with embedded hair, or studying the perfect tetris to enter all together snuggled in the Latvian. So please, when you read our comic make yourself comfortable on the sofa with your furry dog ​​next to you, and enjoy reading with built-in cuddles. But now enough to talk about you, let's talk a little about me.

As I said, me I'm the real star of the book, though I might be tempted to share the scene with my brother Arthur. Okay, come on, we're both stars. In my house there are also three humans, my mom, my dad and our older brother. I love both of them, but as you can see from the comics, my mom always comes first.

She spoils us, pampers us and calls us with funny little voices: how could she not choose us as her subjects comics? Arthur is my accomplice: he is almost five years old, he is a long-haired cream-colored Chihuahua like me. Even if people always mistake us for little brothers, we are not: we are a pack! When I arrived in this house, as a puppy, I immediately understood that it was necessary to make him understand who is in charge, but for her sake eh, not because I'm a little girl. What then it's not my fault I'm adorable.

In short, I said, when I arrived in this house I immediately conquered everyone, and Arthur, like a good boy, understood how to indulge me: I decide when to play, and when to sleep. My mom's comics, dogs love and fantasy, also talk about this, of how two little dogs manage to live together day after day, of the balances that are formed, of how Arthur and I live for each other. Yes, it is true that I often make the decisions in this house, but woe to anyone who touches my big brother! He is my fixed point, my safety, even if at times he is a bit distracted: for example when we walk he gets distracted and stays behind, and I have to wait for him otherwise poor thing would be lost. Mom looks at us and laughs, then takes the pencil and draws, and we are happy like this, because time spent together is always precious.

If you want to get to know us better, all you have to do is get comfortable with "Dog love and fantasy" and laugh out loud with our stories, our strengths and our defects, the love and the great emotions that bind us to our humans, and the great luck we have in being able to define ourselves as a family. We like to get noticed, so you won't find stories where we are not the center of attention: the purpose was just that, and let's say that mom got it right! You will surely recognize yourself in the scenes of real life, because who does not have a dog can not understand, but who has one laughs, and how if he laughs!