Pet Therapy Dog: a day in his company

A day with a pet therapy dog

Hi, my name is Toffy e I am a very special dog, soft, nice and cheerful. Precisely for this reason I perform twice a week my Pet Therapy business at the hospice ofVidas association.

Here the most fragile patients are cared for, the terminally ill who cannot be treated at home or whose family members need a few days of relief from their stressful care. With us they have some extra cuddles to overcome melancholy. I say it right away, before I become a Pet Therapy dog ​​I had to follow an educational path with my human friend, only dogs that are able to have total control of themselves, are patient, trainable, can play my delicate role.

Two mornings a week with my best friend I go to the hospice and here I try to help all the sick to be more serene, I can also enter the rooms of the sick who cannot move, I have the authorization! What can I do for them? It has been shown that the proximity of animals to people experiencing difficult times has positive psychological effects and allows the patient to to be more serene, to have an improvement in mood, to reduce anxiety and stress.

The well-being that I am able to arouse with my proximity to patients increases the production of endorphins in the body, which are the hormones responsible for well-being. When I enter a patient's room I know that I have to be careful because they are fragile people so I am always very delicate, I do not jump with enthusiasm, but I snuggle close to the patient and let myself be caressed. This simple contact is enough to create well-being and even me to be honest. There are gentlemen and ladies who talk to me and me I stay listening to very interesting stories, in this way they can get distracted for a few hours and feel less the weight of melancholy. Some even want to take pictures with me to hang in their rooms so when I'm not around they still have me around.

With patients in bed the task is a little more difficult but I admit that it is very nice even if challenging: the operators who work with me they also allow me to get on the bed and put myself on my stomach to make me scratch my tummy, I admit that in this case I am delighted in a jujube broth. My soft fur, the possibility for patients to feel the warmth of another body close to theirs, transmits serenity and pulls a few smiles, also because I am really nice ... and this is a fact, modestly!

I do not work only in the rooms, in fact, for patients who are not bedridden, the Vidas hospice also has a large room where the sick can chat, play, for example cards or chess and receive their relatives.

Also here I put a little fun by wagging my tail here and there and letting myself be pampered by going from one patient to another and thus also among the patients a certain complicity arises since I am the glue, what can you do I am a star 😀

The elderly gentlemen with whom I spend my time adore me, they fill me with kisses and cuddles and then in the evening I return home happy and satisfied with my human friend knowing that I have done my job flawlessly and have made the disease more bearable to the sick.

Obviously, in order to play this delicate role, I must also be serene, which is why with the boys of the association to which I belong, the Maith, they take care of my psychophysical well-being so that I can then carry out my delicate work serenely by actively collaborating with Noi di Vidas.
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Here you find all the colleagues and friends who work with me, but aren't they wonderful?

The pet therapy staff