Spend the holidays with a dog without New Year's barrels

Tips for staying with a dog without barrels on New Year's Eve

Hello to all human and animal friends, my name is Churchill and I am a four year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I am white, black and tan and my height is about 70cm, on the weight instead I would like to keep confidential. My human Giada and I are close friends, we have a great time taking long walks and playing together.

In general I love parties very much, if only for the leftovers: at Christmas, Easter and August XNUMXth I eat until I burst and it takes me days to recover the line. However, there is a party that I and my fellow humans fear a lot, and that does not allow us to enjoy the Christmas period to the full: I'm talking about spending New Year's Eve with a dog without bangs.

This year I was chosen to be the official spokesperson for all my furry friends, and to address a heartfelt appeal to you humans: don't buy barrels on New Year's Eve or, if around you there are those who use them and you cannot go to another place, I leave you some advice, the first is to close all the windows well and turn up the volume of the television. Every year, on New Year's Eve, many of us are traumatized, seriously injured or even died from fear; and like us many other animals can't make it to see the new year.

I still remember with terror my first New Year and if I think back, I get goosebumps and tachycardia. Although Giada hadn't let me out that day and there it was make sure you lock doors and windows well, when midnight approached I began to hear very powerful shots: it was as if they were bombing me, only I could not understand where the bombs were.

You may not know but My four-legged friends and I have far more developed hearing than you humans, so those noises from outside were extremely loud to me. I got very scared and went to hide under a chair: the prayers of my human who has been worried about me all the time were useless, console me in silence, Oh yeah much better not to caress or force ourselves to stay where we don't feel safe you will get the opposite effect by increasing our fears.

I was lucky, my human knew that I would be scared to death and she explained to me very calmly what those barrels were but I just don't understand these humans. Many, however, have not had the same luck as me. My friend Larry, who has certainly never been a lionheart, got so scared that for months he had a nervous tic in his right eye., an acquaintance of ours was injured in the leg and unfortunately now limps.

It then appears that Sandy the cat who lives in the house with the neighbors has climbed a tree and that they had to call the firemen to convince her to come down. If this were not enough, a few days later, Giada and I read in a newspaper that a labrador that humans had left tied up in the garden, wanting to escape to hide, hanged himself with his own rope: a real tragedy that has me very much. marked inside.

As a spokesperson for the dog league against New Year's Eve barrels so I am here to ask that, for a matter of public safety, this year the barrels and fireworks are abolished, there are places that I would like to suggest if you do not want to pass it home, you could "escape" for example in Maremmain Valtellina or on Chianti hills where silence reigns and the barrels, thanks also to the presence of the stables and respect for the horses, are not used.

You can have fun without risking the life and mental health of us furry ones. I am also aware of many municipalities that have transposed our needs and have banned the New Year's barrels but to be on the safe side we will go to Canton Ticino, in the mountains which is my passion. Baby our neighbor instead, I heard her talking to mom, he will spend it with his family a Barcelona, at the sea and they will arrive by ship ... who knows how nice I never went there ... you know how it is I was born a mountaineer: maybe one day who knows.

To the dog area Buddy and Zoe, the two brothers of the aunt, instead they told me that they will go to pass without barrels the New Year in the south of Austria, in Carinthia where we quadrupeds are really welcome and treated with a lot of respect, there is also a very interesting article if you want to learn more.

So if you care about our health, but also to avoid unnecessary accidents to human puppies who, like us, suffer from this situation and are often victims of it, please give up the barrels. In return you will receive pampering at will, along with the promise that we will no longer chew your shoes.

In any case, whether you spend it at your home or go on vacation with your humans, follow the advice I have just given you, your dog will love you even more.. A great lick of happy holidays from me, the official testimonial of this year's canine league.

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