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Hi, I'm Poppy, a beautiful black and reddish half-breed with long hair. My human friend says I'm unique because I am a "non-racist" dogin fact, cats, magpies and anyone who wants a little food eat quietly in my bowl. After the death of my old friend, a giant dog named Bobby, I became sad and then she took cats to keep me company and I was reborn, but I'm certainly not the only non-racist dog, as my human says. is today I am talking about the relationship of dogs with other animals. Everyone knows by now, we dogs are very sociable and we not only have bipedal friends, but also many four-legged friends and no fear, not even cats are in danger, after all we dogs like to play war with them but we are harmless, or rather, sometimes we catch them. To make you understand what exceptional beings we are with other animals, I'll tell you some stories of my other dog friends who have made very close friendships with other animals, often even very large physically.
The first is the story of Bella, a black Labrador who really has an unusual friend, it is a elephant named Bubbles. The baby elephant had lost his parents due to poachers hunting for ivory (not all humans love animals, indeed sometimes they are really very bad and for economic reasons they have no qualms about killing). Bubbles was accepted on a reservation of the Southern California and here he met Bella, the labrador. The two together take a bath and play and Bella seems to have a lot of fun diving off Bubbles' back into the water to get the ball and Bubbles cuddles him with his trunk. The two have now become inseparable. I would have some problems because I confess I am afraid of water, maybe I would only play on the ground.

The video of Bella a black labrador and Bubbles, an elephant, playing together.

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Another singular story comes fromIreland where every day a honey colored labrador, has a somewhat unusual daily appointment. Everyday leaves the house and dives into the sea, goes for a swim with a dolphin and then he returns home, but only after saying goodbye to his friend the dolphin. The story moved and amazed the inhabitants of the town, enchanted by seeing them swim together and play water games.

The video of Ben, a 4 year old dog and a dolphin named Duggie.

Until now I have talked to you about Labradors and you will say "and given the docile character and their ability to swim there is little strange", but instead it is not quite so because now I will tell you about another particular story that however is not it has a labrador as its protagonist, but a bulldog, which is one of the dogs that in Italy it is considered to be a dangerous breed and therefore must always be on a leash and with a muzzle. We are in South Africa and the dog has two friends really special that is a white lion and a Bengal tiger, of course for now they are puppies that have always lived in captivity, that is at the Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth. All this also happened thanks to the owner of Hugo who is a veterinary from Port Elizabeth. The bulldog was already two years old when the puppies arrived and is now used to playing with them. The vet's purpose was to make sure that once the lion and tiger cubs grew up, a relationship of trust could be established with the bulldog in order to avoid possible accidents and I would say that the operation was successful. Congratulations to my friend Hugo.

The video of the bulldog Hugo with his tiger mica and lion cub.

But now it is enough to talk about the four-legged friends with whom we dogs have fun playing, I want to talk about the my relationship with the human friend. Every human must know that if there is someone you can rely on that for sure is the dog because we dogs we have a very strong sensitivity, we just have to smell our human friend to understand if he feels alone or feels betrayed, from the tone of his voice we understand if he is angry or hurt and sometimes in order to distract him from his problems we try to do little teasing to attract attention and give half hour of play and lightheartedness. We don't need big things, just a ball and that's it. Other times we remain crouched with the nose on the feet to make it clear that we are here and we are always ready to be close to our master even if sometimes he leaves us alone for whole days.


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