Dogs free for July and August on Italo trains

An opportunity against abandonment: Dogs free for July and August on Italo trains


Bau to all human friends! I want to talk to you about avery interesting opportunity which I should take advantage of this summer together with my human mother: Dogs free for July and August on Italo trains!
She would never leave me alone (I wouldn't even leave her for a day!), Which is why summer never goes on vacation without me and holidays organizes them on my dog's scale… That is me.

In recent days, however, he told me that this summer we will take a nice trip to Italy together using Italo Train.
Mommy has read in fact that for the months of July and August this special train company (she told me they run very fast!) Will allow all large dogs to travel for free, just like me, since I weigh about 26 kg!

Let me be clear, she always spends a lot of money for me and would have no problem giving me a trip with her, but on many occasions when she inquires if she can travel with me she finds some difficulties: let's face it, unfortunately we furry ones are not accepted everywhere, and that is why I officially thank Trip For Dog for helping our humans to identify structures and vehicles where we are dogs are welcome throughout Europe.

Italo Treno instead accepts us without problems, beyond the possibility of travel for free in July and August, and there is nothing to say ... I can only bark so much to approve the thing and raise the paw for a virtual 5!

For us dogs over 10 kg a special space will be set up next to the seat of our human parents, it seems that we will also have a mat, a water bowl and a food bowl… If this is not luxury!
I want to remember that even my smallest furry friends, both dogs and kittens, can still travel without problems on the trains of this company, provided that their human parents put them in a carrier.
This thing is really very nice and I can't wait to take the trip with my mom Alessandra.
Obviously I wanted to inform as many people as possible, indeed, furry friends, tell your human parents now and share this article as much as possible!

Booking the free service for large dogs is very easy: it will be enough to call the “Pronto Italo” Contact Center at 06.07.08 and, together with the purchase of your ticket, in combination with the Flex offer, the free ticket will be issued, depending on availability, for the Prima, Comfort and Smart environments.

I know that many people give up traveling precisely because they would never leave us faithful 4-legged friends alone but not for nothing was he born Trip For Dog, the 4-legged tourist guide to give us a paw ... they do very well and I don't even comment on people who leave us alone at someone else's house for so many days or even worse that they abandon us, but when there are such possibilities it is stupid not to spread it to the maximum!

On the other hand, we deserve a nice holiday too, and then in modern trains it's great: it's not hot, we can drink and eat, of course we just have to stay good and do not bother the many humans that we will find inside them.
And then there is also savings, which is an important thing!

My human mother therefore works a little something for me she can always spend, but many people are not so lucky and have to save on many things, from traveling with friends to pizza with friends ... so guys there is this possibility!

With Italo Treno this summer we furry little ones will not pay and we will be by your side, you just have to pay for your ticket. It can be a great opportunity to have good experiences together, have fun and exchange lots of cuddles. How about?
I will let you know where my human mother Alessandra will take me and above all how I will find myself aboard these super fast trains. For those who decide instead of traveling with a dog by train of other companies can take a look at the dedicated page.

Bau everyone and have a good summer!