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Finally my two-legged friend has understood the importance of being for me at his side even when he goes on a trip of pleasure, a trip out of town or holiday period. Until now he had always left me in the custody of friends or relatives because he feared that the journey by car could bother me particularly. In fact, the few times he took me by car with him I had some minor disturbances, the journey left me a bit dazed for the whole day.

Then finally my master decided to to better document on the internet and doing site searches he realized that there are many places and locations where it is possible to do holidays with the dog, and be able to decide the destination. Leaving for the usual holidays or a simple weekend out of town and leaving me at home didn't mind only me; he too and would do anything to be able to go in holiday o a trip with his dog, that is me. The Internet is a wonderful world: within this universe of news my master has been able to find so many tips and precautions to take in order to finally take me with you.


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He found all the rules governing the transport of dogs inside your car. He found that in order to travel in car with your dog a special network that prevents the pet from moving to the front of the car or one safety belt made on purpose for us dogs. He immediately went to a specialized center to buy it and proceeded to assemble it. But it didn't just find regulatory information; in this beautiful site enriched with many photos of my friends made by they were also able to provide him with many little useful tips (from this site you can also buy the 2014 calendar with photos of my friends outside the window). For example, they advised him to foresee some stops during trips long and of never leave me inside the cockpit during these short breaths of air and being able to kick the legs. They recommended that he always carry with him a bottle of water and a bowl, essential especially in the summer, to make me quench my thirst during the stops.


They seem to know me so well… They also know that I love being able to keep my head out of the window when traveling, and advised my master to always leave a car window open for me to do "Snoop" out while we travel, I'm so tied up and safe. But the most valuable advice he found in my opinion was that of gradually get used to travel in the car. So day after day we started doing small car rides, every day we lengthened the journey slightly and in the last few days we also did a longer trip simulation and we also staged a small stop to cool off a bit. If I have to be honest now, car trips don't worry me anymore… after 3000 km in 3 months I'm a veteran, I can do them without being upset all day. Friday will be the big day, we will finally leave together for one long dog-friendly weekend: the seat belt is already fitted in the car perfectly, my water bottle is already prepared together with the travel bags, my favorite bowl is already in the car ... garden, the discomfort caused by car travel are now only a sad memory.

I go for a walk outside with my biped and in the gardens I find some of my friends. Their sadness contrasts with my euphoria, but I sense their thoughts. They are the same ones who until recently saddened me too when the moment of a trip or vacation. I approach a friend of mine, who seems sadder than the others and I whisper in his ear what I think is a beautiful idea: why don't you try to propose to your master to look for solutions on I'm sure you can solve the problem you too as we did and to leave together, indeed you can also enter the structures and areas dedicated to dogs that you will find directly by registering for free. The more we are, the more information… the better for everyone. He replies that he will try to talk to him about it and I already see him happier. By now it is almost dark and it is time to go home. As soon as we arrive, I eat and lie down on my favorite blanket. I smile thinking that at this moment my friend's human will also be documenting on the site and I'm sure that too they will leave together this year. But now enough…. it's time to sleep ... I go to say goodnight to my human and I curl up with my thoughts on the beautiful mini-vacation that awaits me ... Goodnight everyone…. I meant BAU BAU !!!!
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