Dogs in prison. No, not in a cage
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Today I tell you a sad story but with a nice ending.
My name is Jeremiah and I am a pure mestizo and for many years I had a very young friend. He and I got along very well, we were inseparable and close friends. There was no place he didn't take me, I looked like his shadow. We were together all day and when he was in middle school, I was a furry puppy who watched him on sight because that's the age when trouble is combined and I cared about my great play friend. We practically grew up together, we have done all the colors because me I'm not a serious dog indeed, I enjoyed myself when my friend did some pranks and then ran away.

I still remember when he made all the intercoms in an apartment building ring and then he hid and behind him I laughed under my mustache. Instead, that time when there was a knock on the intercom of our house and two policemen entered, I understood that it was nothing to laugh about and that it was not a simple 'prank' indeed, something serious must have happened otherwise my friend would not have looked so scared. I remember that afternoon as if it were yesterday and I realized that the situation had degenerated when my 'grandparents', that is my friend's parents, returned home in the evening broken and with red eyes. From their words I knew that my beloved biped it had been brought to Bollate in a bad place that I don't know but from what I could understand it is very gloomy and sad.

They say that my friend and all those who are in there are no longer called people but 'prisoners' and then they say that their bedrooms do not have a computer, a play station and a stereo but only a bed and a high window. Maybe they are lies, I don't know if to believe them why the schnauzer informed me of the neighbor on the landing who is a first-rate gossip. Maybe he did it to make me disheartened because he knows I'm suffering too much without my beloved partner but he says he is sure of it and that he saw it on TV. He also told me that those rooms with bars are always locked with the key for fear of the inmates escaping and I'm sure that if my friend did such a thing, he would do it just to get back to me. I miss him so much! In the evening I slept on his bed, right next to his feet and at night I was never afraid and if I had some bad dreams, he would caress me.

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But today the schnauzer gave me some good news, maybe it's not as bad as it seems! He said he heard on the news that in Bollate prison, where my friend is locked up, a experimental project and three dogs enter each week to keep the inmates company. How beautiful! They are called Onda,Titti e Tatò and are part of the project 'Dogs inside'.

My friend also enjoys training them and playing with them. It is a beautiful thing that they have thought of doing to restore emotional relationships to the prisoners and it is one pet therapy that should keep them up with morale.
I know that my friend throws the ball to the dog that has been entrusted to him and he brings it back to him, I know that he fills it with caresses and the dog loves it. To tell the truth, I'm a little jealous! They could have done a similar project and included me among those dogs that go to that prison. Instead of always lazing around, I should be as witty as that schnauzer at least I could ask permission from the Center to go and see my friend too.
But now that I know that he is in good company, at night I dream that one day he can open the door, run to meet me and fill me with kisses. Then I turn around ... and behind my beloved biped, there is also the sweet Wave with him.



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