Here's how to tell if your dog loves you, small and clear signs

Signs to see if your dog loves you


Hey hi, I'm Minnie and I'm a little mestizo of almost 5 years old and I have been in my family for a long time now, I have two big humans and a younger sister that I have practically seen born and she loves me so much and I love it to her just that I'm not sure she understands it, I will try to explain to you how you can understand if your dog loves you and how he tries to prove it to you.

It is natural that we dogs have different ways of showing our affection, we are different species, we don't talk even if we make ourselves understood very well when we want, for example to make my little human understand that my pee escapes me I whine and she immediately takes me out, I can't get it on me otherwise who feels her mother ...

There are several ways to make people understand to a human our love for him, here are some.

Hugs him really no, we look you in the eye

First of all to us the hugs that you give yourselves between humans annoy us, we prefer look you in the eye and even if you are not looking at us, we are observing you because you are our reference, our idols, our reason for living. Even when you are cuddling us, or we play or we are simply on MY sofa watching television together, you can rest assured that if we look you in the eyes it is certainly not as a challenge but to tell you that we love you. Of course it is not the same if they are two dogs that look into each other's eyes, it is better to get away from them before the fight starts, but these things also happen between humans.

When we lick your face, you can't be picky

It is one of the most explicit signals that even a child would understand, one leccatona on the face of his own human it is a real kiss of love if then it is repetitive and with passion the intensity of the moment we are experiencing will be greater. Many make a fuss because they say that we put "whatever" in our mouths and it is not hygienic, but come on, just wash your face afterwards, but don't let your dog catch you, maybe he is touchy and he feels bad.

The synchronized yawn

Have you ever yawned together? It is normal, it is contagious even among humans, you know, but between a dog and its human it is a bit how we synchronized: if you are tired you are tired too, by dint of spending time together we look like you, certainly not physically but we take from you stress, fears, happiness and even sleepiness, your attitudes in short.

He always defends you

To play every now and then my little sister pretends to "hit" our eldest human dad and I just can't do it, even though I know it's just a joke. barking to make them stop, we are a bunch and you shouldn't argue. It also happened to me that a child in the park dropped it and I got angry barking at him, I would never allow myself to touch a child but I wanted to get him away from my little human, and it worked.

He sleeps next to you, if not in bed

They told me that some of my fellow quadrupeds have been allowed to sleep in bed with their humans, I am not one of those chosen. I sleep in turn in the same room as everyone, near their bed, or sometimes between the doors of their rooms to keep them all under control and unfounded I feel safer and more protected me too since even though I know that they too are sleeping, they are watching over me, I need to know that I can close my eyes and be able to abandon myself quietly to dreams that we dogs have too in many positions we assume while we sleep.

Lean on you, but no we are not lazy

It often happens to put myself at my feet or mom or dad or little sister and in winter they are really happy but I do it even in summer and actually it is not the best for me either, but it is my way to tell him that I am feel safe and secure near them. Sometimes it happens even when we are around, I lean to the side even for a few seconds, and it does not mean that we are tired but that we feel good and we are calm.

Games, you like them like me

I have many toys, puppets, balls, I am a lucky dog ​​and I always take them to my humans to share them with them, yes of course also to play together, but for me it is an act of clear demonstration of love I'm sure they like them exactly as much as they do to me, so I bring them to them for share them with who I love.

Leaving the house, I trust you

I got used to being home alone after our morning ride and I feel a bit like the queen to be honest, and even though at first I was agitated and worried that they would never come back I have learned to trust over time. of them and now when they go to work and school I greet them wagging my tail and I leave rest nice quiet, so I know that they will think of me all day and then I will see them again when they return.

The parties on the way home, the best

Admit it is the best time of the whole day when you come home and your dog comes like a rocket to greet you and party you... we have the clock inside, we know what time you arrive and in any case we recognize the noise of your car, motorcycle or more simply we feel your smell approaching and it sends us into ecstasy. You too can erase every problem of the day when you are greeted with so much happiness, more love than that!

Tail and eyebrows, dog faces

One of the clearest signs is obviously the tail blending at the speed of light when we are happy and happy to see you, but also when we raise the eyebrows it means that we are faced with something that interests us: a game for example, a tidbit or simply you.

In conclusion

In short, there are many ways to understand if your dog loves you, a dog not only would never betray you, but it never even passed through the hall of his brain, you are the leader, the companion, the love of his life and forever.

Always treat us with respect, love and attention and now that the Easter holidays will begin and immediately the summer ones do not find excuses because your dog loves you and is part of the family in all respects and he too has the right to take the holidays with his loved ones: from this site you can find all dog-friendly hotels in Europe, But also the beaches for dogs, the farms that allow dogs, the bed & breakfast, the swimming pools that allow dogs or even i dog friendly museums to enjoy it without sacrificing anyone's needs.