The Baucamp in Trentino Alto Adige with a dog Bauciao friends I introduce myself, I am Tobia a beautiful border collie, last weekend I took my human family on vacation in Trentino Alto Adige, precisely we participated in the BauCamp, that is an experience built and designed for families with dogs ... we were the beta testers

Bauciao friends, my dad has the beautiful custom, like everyone in the family, to read aloud to share the story with everyone including me, Mela. I like this habit a lot because otherwise I could never know the exciting and incredible stories they write about in the short stories. What I want to talk to you about today is

Mountains, lakes, woods the important thing is to be prepared to walk with a dog in trekking Bauciao friends, I have always liked going with my dad to mountains and woods, especially when a pond or a waterfall comes out from the paths where I can dive ... of course I always ask permission first, otherwise whoever hears it

After the summer break, the pack outings begin again, join us Bauciao friends, after a pseudo break alternating the organization of new projects with a minimum of vacation ... in collaboration with our expert friends from Mylandog and iDog we have organized two pack outings very different from each other but at the same time very high

Selections of the most beautiful photos for the furry holidays calendar 2020 Bauciao friends, I know it will make you strange to hear about the calendar in August but what better time to take a photo of your furry friends on vacation while you are there? We know full well that there are 3 million dogs doing it

Hello everyone, my name is Charly and I am a French bulldog puppy, so everyone tells me when they meet me at the park or when they come to visit me and my mom at our house. I am too comfortable at home with my human friends but it happens, sometimes, that I am left alone

A unique and personalized gift: the socks with the photo of your dog Bau to all friends! I wanted to tell you a very nice thing that my human mother did for me, a simple gesture but that moved me a little ... on the other hand I am very sensitive, I must admit! My mommy knows I am

Antonella Clerici's dog flew over the rainbow Saying goodbye to my mother Antonella was not easy at all. In fact, the news of my disappearance was not entirely unexpected. In fact, Antonella and I had faced some health problems together in the past few weeks that turned out to be more complex than expected. You like,

Dog poop as fuel Today I give you some sensational news: dog poop has a high energy value, so when you collect it (because I'm sure you are honest people and you collect it) when you take us for a walk you think that you have "between hands ”a source of natural fuel. Let's start with the presentations:

An operation in favor of adoptions in kennels Hello friends, I am Mela, modestly a beautiful dog, very nice and photogenic as well as the President of Trip For Dog and I am here today to tell you that I am one of, and of, the protagonists of the video clip of which I am to talk to you with my friends: Belle, Athena & Arthur, Jam, Bruce

Elisabetta Canalis' dog is on the rainbow I was really struck by the news that was made public by Elisabetta Canalis, mother of a little dog like me who unfortunately was unable to stay alive after a surgical operation that was necessary . Surely knowing such things is very sad, indeed I admit

Parco Sempione is transformed for the dog party Hello friends, my name is Mirtilla and I am the President of Mylandog and together with my human pope Fabio we have organized in Milan "A dog day" on the occasion of the Dog Festival which is 11 May in all Italy. I was born and raised in

Mylandog's 4-legged Christmas Village Hi guys, this Sunday you will find us at the 4-legged Christmas Village, in short, made to measure for us four-legged people at the Magazzini Generali in Milan. Yes, we were kindly invited by the organization: Fabio Ferrari president of Mylandog in collaboration with Davide Cavalieri director of Radio Bau, for the third

Giorgio Armani stops the production of furs My name is Kira, I am a Maremma Shepherd and I am 7 years old. I live in a country house, with my wonderful family. Three humans belong to my family: my mom Elena, my dad Luca and my little brother Leonardo. Then, there are the components a