The dog friendly Milan that we like Bauciao friends, my name is Pongo and together with my papy we are guests of the first dog friendly reception house for the homeless in Milan. My papy, here I will call S., for his privacy he was a freelancer and everything was fine, or rather we had a house,

The baby food: one of my favorite things! For me, meal time is always the best time of the day, but only when I find what I want in the bowl. Before, when I wanted, I could suck my mother's milk, but now it's not enough for me anymore. Of course, all day I run, jump, play with

Why dogs have wet noses: between legends and reality Hello everyone, my name is Book and I am a German Shepherd puppy. Today I want to explain to all of you why we dogs have wet and cool noses. A question that I am sure you will have asked yourself at least once in your life!

Protecting dogs from the cold is not a trivial matter How many times, bipedal friends, have you happened to look out the window, during an autumn afternoon, and watch the wind blow, shiver at the thought of having to go out? You thought, “Brr, winter has arrived! It's time to take out your coat! " Here, this also happens to

The new Zoobio Bau pet shop everyone! My human dad is always so kind to me and I must say that he really knows how to spoil me ... the jelly at home is never lacking, and in addition to the classic croquettes, every now and then I find myself in the bowl also some delicious wet feeds that he mixes together with the crunches ...

Leo the dog waiting for his human showing all his love Hi guys, my name is Leo and that day my dad seemed a bit strange to me, but I didn't hesitate to follow him on a new and long walk. Even if we ended up in a place I never had

Finally dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital: you no longer have to give up the love of your four-legged friends, at least in Lombardy. This morning I was like every morning with Caterina, my human mother, out for the usual stroll in the neighborhood. She always buys the newspaper because she likes to keep informed and so

Taking care of your dog is a right as well as a duty Today with my human mother we heard very interesting news, and she was really happy when she discovered this possibility: a human mother just like her was in fact allowed to be able to be absent from work in order to look after your own

Pet Therapy course for dogs, cats and rabbits Hi friends Bau, I'm Belle, a splendid 3-year-old Golden Retriever and I take care of pet therapy together with my best friend Elena, today I want to talk to you about a great opportunity to become an assistant dogs, cats , rabbits for pet therapy, in fact, registrations are open

The reasons why the dog eats grass Hi all friends, my name is Tyson and despite my name I am a little guy, they say, with sweet eyes and everything to eat. I spent this long weekend with my family on vacation and I had a blast on the Apennines in the area

The importance of shampoo for dog hygiene Hello friends my name is Vicky and I am a beautiful 5 year old female labrador and I live in Milan with my pack of humans who take care of me: two parents and two really messy brothers, almost as much as me. I am always close to my human mom that yes

The health insurance for dogs and cats CIao Amici, my name is Achille and I learned that on 8 February at 13.00, at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies, "Doctor Bau & Doctor Miao, the first health insurance for dogs and cats ". “We are introducing a real one for the first time in Italy

The 4-legged operators at the airport Hi my name is Moka and I am a beautiful, sweet, adorable mixed breed dog, at least that's what they tell me, but I think I have some other qualities too, sorry for the modesty. I'm here to tell you about my experience in Malpensa airports as an expert dog in pet therapy. Pet therapy is

Tips for staying with a dog without barrels on New Year's Eve Hello to all human and animal friends, my name is Churchill and I am a four year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I am white, black and brown and my height is about 70 centimeters, on the weight I would like to keep the secrecy. Me and my human Jade