The Baucamp in Trentino Alto Adige with a dog Bauciao friends I introduce myself, I am Tobia a beautiful border collie, last weekend I took my human family on vacation in Trentino Alto Adige, precisely we participated in the BauCamp, that is an experience built and designed for families with dogs ... we were the beta testers

How to best spend a weekend with a dog in Florence Bauciao friends, let me introduce myself: I'm Mela, the President of TripForDog. I am a pure labrador-like mestizo and I have been traveling with my family since I can remember: I have undertaken many trips and with them I love to discover new cities. But above all, it is they who do not want

After the summer break, the pack outings begin again, join us Bauciao friends, after a pseudo break alternating the organization of new projects with a minimum of vacation ... in collaboration with our expert friends from Mylandog and iDog we have organized two pack outings very different from each other but at the same time very high

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Azzurro on Lake Mergozzo, Piedmont. Easy Route Bauciao friends today I share a new trekking itinerary compatible to do with a dog that we did on the Blue Trail above Lake Mergozzo, a fantastic place where we camped the night before to do it at dawn

Hello four-legged friends! For those who do not know me, I am Oliver, a nice 5 year old Golden Retriever and for some years I have been living at Elisa's house, a very nice lady who decided to take care of me after my mother flew to heaven. They also live together with us

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Spirito del Bosco. Medio Bauciao route friends today I will tell you about the new itinerary suitable for a trek with a dog that we did on the Spirito del Bosco Trail, a magical and enchanted place that will please children as well as us dogs. The path is of

The little Bernese mountain dog is already a star Let's face it, friends: we too are entitled to a well-deserved extra-luxury holiday. Breaking the daily routine and taking a regenerating break is good for the body and spirit. But which hotel to choose? Believe me, if you are looking for a hotel where you feel at home

Dog trekking in Liguria with a dog. Medium or easy path if done in reverse. This time my human really surprised me: it is always recommended to check the weather but this time he wanted to take a risk, even when in doubt, and in fact we took all the water in the world for at least half the way ... and

With a dog at the Castle of Vigevano: historical excursion. Very easy path Hi friends, this path is definitely different from what we usually do but my human got up with back pain so I advised myself that he does not make an effort, that it is dangerous to get stuck in the mountains, so I convinced

Dog trekking in Lombardy: excursion with a dog to Segrino lake. Easy Route Here we are, for this week we will tell you about a trip we took to Lake Segrino in the municipality of Canzo (Como). The route is quite easy, and we suggest you have equipment such as poles and suitable footwear: a pair of walking shoes

Dog trekking in Lombardy Chiavenna to the Acquafraggia waterfalls. Very Easy Route Hello friends, this week we are going to tell you about a day trip to the Acquafraggia or Acqua Fracta waterfalls as described by the good Leonardo da Vinci. The route is really very easy, in fact in this itinerary you will not need any special equipment or footwear: a pair
Dog trekking in Lombardy Valtellina Val di Mello. Easy route Hello friends, this summer we took "alternative" holidays compared to our usual trips to the city, abroad or by the sea ... we chose to do dog trekking in Lombardy and now I can't do without it anymore. With my 4 driving legs I can walk

An opportunity against abandonment: Free dogs for July and August on Italo Bau trains to all human friends! I want to tell you about a very interesting opportunity that I should take advantage of this summer together with my human mother: Dogs free for July and August on Italo trains! She would never leave me alone (I wouldn't even leave her either

Dog holidays in Bibione: 4-legged hotels and activities But how beautiful Bibione is! Charlie's word! Let me introduce myself, I am a 5 year old mixed breed. Particular signs: incurable plague! I love to run around and have fun, but always in the company of my best bipedal friend: Giovanni. He too, like me, is a lover of fun and just for

Dogs finally move for bathing in Emilia Romagna Now that I am almost 10 years old I remember more and more often the first time my best friend took me to see the sea. I was little more than a puppy and I loved two things to death: the new discoveries and the gesture with which