Bauciao friends, my dad has the beautiful custom, like everyone in the family, to read aloud to share the story with everyone including me, Mela. I like this habit a lot because otherwise I could never know the exciting and incredible stories they write about in the short stories. What I want to talk to you about today is

The dog friendly Milan that we like Bauciao friends, my name is Pongo and together with my papy we are guests of the first dog friendly reception house for the homeless in Milan. My papy, here I will call S., for his privacy he was a freelancer and everything was fine, or rather we had a house,

An excellence famous all over the world: Italian School of Rescue Dogs Bauciao friends, this is the talk of Mela, the President of Trip For Dog. We were guests of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs, the boys and furry ones who save lives at sea. It's a special day for me and my human since

Selections of the most beautiful photos for the furry holidays calendar 2020 Bauciao friends, I know it will make you strange to hear about the calendar in August but what better time to take a photo of your furry friends on vacation while you are there? We know full well that there are 3 million dogs doing it

The little Bernese mountain dog is already a star Let's face it, friends: we too are entitled to a well-deserved extra-luxury holiday. Breaking the daily routine and taking a regenerating break is good for the body and spirit. But which hotel to choose? Believe me, if you are looking for a hotel where you feel at home

Pampering cats, a full-fledged profession Hello, I'm Polpetta and we know that our two-legged friends have to work all day to buy us soft kennels and delicious morsels to be enjoyed in front of the heated radiator. There are those who stay in the office for eight hours, those who work in bars

The story of the dog rescued by the mountain rescue Have you ever experienced the cold, true one? I do, and I assure you, it is not funny at all: you feel your strength failing, your fur freezing, you are weak, even your vision becomes blurred. How did I get up there on that mountain? Not me

The moving story of the Figaro dog My name is Figaro and I am a dog who in bad luck had the rare opportunity to have a mother who has always loved me without reserve. My story begins when I was just a puppy and someone thought of abandoning me on the street. I was scared, I didn't know where

All those things that dogs do Have you ever wondered why those things that dogs often do to you humans are incomprehensible? I will gladly explain it to you, but first let me introduce myself! Hi, my name is Rex and I am a nearly nine year old German Shepherd. I live happily in Palermo with i

A new Ikea dog and cat Ikea line is coming. I heard my mum say Ikea, and I immediately raised an ear, because this word means so many things to me: first of all it means taking a walk among many beautiful beds and super comfortable sofas, which I cannot climb on. And then it means

Justice has finally been done for the Green Hill Beagles Hi, did you hear the bad story my human mom told me? It was called Green Hill and it was located in Montichiari in the province of Brescia where my peers were used for experiments. Luckily for me, I discovered that place all

Introducing myself Hello, my name is Poldo, I am a four-year-old dog who has always lived in the home of Marco and Livia, the humans who adopted me. I don't remember what happened to me before, I just know that I was very young and I was welcomed because someone had abandoned me. From that moment on

Signs to understand if your dog loves you Hey hi, I'm Minnie and I'm a little mestizo of almost 5 years old and I have been in my family for a long time now, I have two big humans and a younger sister that I have practically seen born and loves me so much

Tips for staying with a dog without barrels on New Year's Eve Hello to all human and animal friends, my name is Churchill and I am a four year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I am white, black and brown and my height is about 70 centimeters, on the weight I would like to keep the secrecy. Me and my human Jade

How and what do dogs dream when they sleep Hello, I am Ulysses, I have a real passion for pigeons that are placed between my paws, chicken morsels and Gaia, the puppy of a man who has recently arrived in the house where I have lived for almost five years. Tonight? I had a bad dream. Yes, because we dogs

The dog that came out of the rubble: Job speaks. This time I really feared it was the end: when the earth started shaking I saw my house coming down little by little and my panicked human friends running out quickly. After those excited moments I don't remember anymore