The first competition entirely dedicated to the dog as the absolute protagonist, the DogFilmFestival Hello human friend, I'm Cody, a jack russel all pepper and I wanted to tell you something about the DogFilmFestival, an event that my two-legged mom told me about today. DogFilmFestival is a festival open to all that deals with cinema and
Horrible portraits of animals for charity Good morning beautiful friends, it's me again, the mythical Charlie, a phenomenon dog who saves the life of a human friend. Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Hercule Van Wonfilkle, he is a boy of 28, English (his real name is Phil Heckels, but since he is an artist

How to best spend a weekend with a dog in Florence Bauciao friends, let me introduce myself: I'm Mela, the President of TripForDog. I am a pure labrador-like mestizo and I have been traveling with my family since I can remember: I have undertaken many trips and with them I love to discover new cities. But above all, it is they who do not want

An original gift: noble version of portraits of Bauciao friends dogs. It's raining badly outside, just for a change on the weekend, and yes I have to fall out of heat all week and when we could finally go out for a nice ride in the green in the mountains to stay cool and run around a bit

A unique and personalized gift: the socks with the photo of your dog Bau to all friends! I wanted to tell you a very nice thing that my human mother did for me, a simple gesture but that moved me a little ... on the other hand I am very sensitive, I must admit! My mommy knows I am

All you need is a love and imagination dog Hello everyone! My name is Athena, I am almost four years old and I am a Chihuahua. I am super proud because my mum has written and drawn a book about me and my big brother Arthur, and it seems right that I express my opinion,

An unexpected gift: my oil portrait on canvas What time is it? I look out the window and it is still dark, the moon has already passed and it must be really very late, soon it is the turn of the sun. I'm still not good at reading the hours, after all I'm only six years old, mine

Choose to ... Choose to have the house full of fur, Choose to get up early in the morning even if you would like to sleep, Choose to spend more on food, accessories and vet more for him than for you, Choose to have a wagging tail that welcomes you to anything happen when you come home, Choose to find various games,

The ten rules for a dog told by a dog The ten rules to live in serenity told by your dog ... for each point we have created a "figurine" ... listen to what your dog tells you. 1. My life is from 10 to 15 years. Any separation or abandonment will be a trauma for me. Remember this

Going to the cinema and theater with your dog or cat is now possible. Finally after a long time they realized that we quadrupeds in front of the screens where you can see the images that move, that make noise but you do not smell the smells in the end we are at ease if we are obviously in

The winner of the photo contest "The most Christmas dog" is: Dj Burek with 146 votes. Photograph: Anita HB Title: Xmas Bubble. [sociallocker id = ”16518 ″] [/ sociallocker]

Hi guys, this is Ruby, he is a mestizo friend of mine who lives in Rome and has decided to write a book about his experiences. Shortly after his birth he was placed in a kennel where he lived for eight years, or at least until he found humans who had him.

Australian photographer Seth Casteel photographed a lot of my dog ​​friends as they jump into the water with a lightning-fast, water-resistant camera and made a beautiful calendar of it. The calendar can be found on the photographer's website which is