An excellence famous all over the world: Italian School of Rescue Dogs Bauciao friends, this is the talk of Mela, the President of Trip For Dog. We were guests of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs, the boys and furry ones who save lives at sea. It's a special day for me and my human since

Mountains, lakes, woods the important thing is to be prepared to walk with a dog in trekking Bauciao friends, I have always liked going with my dad to mountains and woods, especially when a pond or a waterfall comes out from the paths where I can dive ... of course I always ask permission first, otherwise whoever hears it

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Azzurro on Lake Mergozzo, Piedmont. Easy Route Bauciao friends today I share a new trekking itinerary compatible to do with a dog that we did on the Blue Trail above Lake Mergozzo, a fantastic place where we camped the night before to do it at dawn

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Spirito del Bosco. Medio Bauciao route friends today I will tell you about the new itinerary suitable for a trek with a dog that we did on the Spirito del Bosco Trail, a magical and enchanted place that will please children as well as us dogs. The path is of

The story of the dog rescued by the mountain rescue Have you ever experienced the cold, true one? I do, and I assure you, it is not funny at all: you feel your strength failing, your fur freezing, you are weak, even your vision becomes blurred. How did I get up there on that mountain? Not me

A day with a pet therapy dog ​​Hi, my name is Toffy and I am a very special, soft, nice and cheerful dog. Precisely for this reason, twice a week I carry out my Pet Therapy activity at the hospice of the Vidas association. Here the most fragile patients are cared for, the terminally ill who cannot be cured

Colby and Blue, two golden retriever puppies These golden retriever puppies were filmed during their first 9 months of life at mealtime, watching them run and grow day after day is a sight. Check out the other dog videos too.  

Going to the cinema and theater with your dog or cat is now possible. Finally after a long time they realized that we quadrupeds in front of the screens where you can see the images that move, that make noise but you do not smell the smells in the end we are at ease if we are obviously in

The new film "The Secret Life of Animals" is coming for February 12, 2016, the announcement of its production by Universal and Illumination Entertainment was already given in 2014 but now at least we can enjoy the trailer in Italian, we personally can't wait to see it.

For dogs, freedom is everything This wonderful video reads “freedom is not only for motorcyclists” but also for dogs we add. The beautiful story that Harley Davidson shot, tells of a motorcyclist who enters a pet shop and buys a dozen leashes ... the ending is all from

In a pet shop in Brazil, the Priceless Pets association made the experiment of replacing the dogs and cats in the window with those of their kennel. Dogs and cats taken from the kennel were placed in the various windows without telling customers and when people interested in buying were told that the reaction was free

Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence My name is Lillo and I am a medical dog, specialized in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, they manage to heal or get better. My work is very beautiful and I am committed to

Free rides in Milan, Rome, Turin and Genoa even with a dog or a cat Today is a difficult day for movements due to the national strike of local public transport called by the Usb and the Uber drivers today offer you the ride for FREE.

The unconditional love of dogs is unparalleled, they could wait hours and hours standing there motionless waiting for their human, but when it is about to arrive they know it perfectly and their friend is always welcomed in the best way ... Wagging their tail like only an angel 4-legged can do.

The first time the two puppies meet… and it's love at first sight. Seeing is believing. [sociallocker id = ”16518 ″] [/ sociallocker]