Wanted cat cuddlers: an incredible job

Pampering cats, a profession in all respects

Hi I'm Polpetta and you know ours two-legged friends, they have to work all day to buy us soft beds and delicious morsels to be enjoyed in front of the heated radiator. There are those who stay for eight hours in the office, those who work in bars and fish restaurants and there are also the cat cuddlers. You got it right, I was not wrong: I just said the cat cuddle and with lots of enviable salary… Do you know how many delicacies my human could buy me?

To fill this role, however, it is not enough to love all of us felines but it is necessary to be real professionals in the sector. If you dear human friends adore caressing the soft and sensual fur of us cats for hours and hours e you are able to understand us on the fly but you also have a good familiarity with whims that we do from time to time you might have an insured permanent job a Dublin However. In fact, the job advertisement was published by Just Cats, the veterinary clinic located in one of the many suburbs of Dublin. Experience with cats and a lot of sweetness is required to give cuddles to all the cats admitted to the clinic.

The employment is for an indefinite period and salary offered ranges from € 20 to € 25 per year which, if we do the math, would be from a minimum of 1600 to a maximum of 2000 euros per month per month. In short, a nice figure that would allow our bipedal friends to buy salmon and caviar-based croquettes, at least at Easter and Christmas and some beautifulluxury accessory to show off in the garden or on the balcony in the sun or even purchased from Ikea cats and dogs line

I have read well what the job ad says and taking stock of the situation, cat pet owners must obviously love us madly and have an innate predisposition for to take care of in the best way even the cat less inclined to accept caresses. Needs to count all cats one by one before falling asleep and must bring food to the cats of the whole neighborhood. What's more, the cuddly candidate must caress us with extreme pleasure with soft and velvety hands. In reality, I have added these things here but those who do not stick to only one of the points indicated do not know if it is suitable for doing this type of work so demanding.

Seriously, on the announcement published by the Dublin veterinary clinic it says that the pet will have to gently pat the cats for a long time without getting tired. He will have to speak kindly whispering in the ears to calm the anxieties of the most nervous patients or frightened. What is fundamental is knowing how to recognize the various types of purr that we cats do: yes, we don't always want to communicate the same thing when we purr blissfully on the knees of our friends.

In short, if your human has all these characteristics, run to greet your neighbors without drama: soon you will move to Ireland to start a new life. The announcement does not say whether the cuddlers can take their cat with them and from time to time pet him too. However, do not be afraid to stay alone for a long time in the new country because surely your beloved pet pet sooner or later will fall in love with some new cat he met in the clinic and will take him home to keep you happy, to apply you can do it from here. Miaooooo