How do dogs see? In color, black and white, or ...

This is how dogs see

I often hear humans wondering how dogs see, well it is not difficult to explain, so it is useless for you to continue to study and try to make us look at colors with various treats to notice where we mainly go.
We don't just see black and white as many have claimed, but also some shades of color. Some humans also say that we see bigger, but no, that's absolutely not true, but try to look at the world from our height, I'm a mestizo quite short and my name is Toffee, surely my friend the cattleman Nero sees more from above, I am scared because things often seem bigger than they are in reality.

Some humans to understand what we see have taken dogs, they have placed them in rooms without colors and above all without smells to avoid distractions. Every minute they showed us sheets with different colors, we only approached them with the ones we saw really well, namely blue and yellow, but not in all possible shades, what patience these humans, to find out they had to show us many different colors.

Another thing humans didn't understand is how they behave our eyes in front of the light, we are not like our cat friends who see even in the dark. Our little eyes see the light with the shades we have said, while all the light is not completely taken, let's say that we see less sharp than our human friends precisely because the brightness changes compared to you.
Thinking about how to make my way of seeing understood I was thinking of a comparison, I imagined a human old woman who without glasses sees everything blurred as fogged, that's more or less the way we see us doggies is like this.

The difference in how dogs and humans see

It is not a problem for me, I have a very well developed sense of smell and with that I can see much better than all humans. Thanks to our nose, we dogs can orient ourselves very well, we can find things that even humans cannot find and above all we can sense dangers near and far.
But let's go back to colors, so it's true, most of the things we do in black and white, even if for us it is completely normal therefore it does not create any problems for us, we did not know the existence of other colors except through the conversations we hear between humans.

We don't know what red, purple and many other colors are, but we know very well the scent of our humans and would recognize our home for miles though in reality our vision is clear only from close up, from a distance we see out of focus.

It is therefore not something bad for us, our way of seeing is the only way for us and therefore we are also very happy to see in this way. Then you know that for us there is no insurmountable problem, the important things in life are a bowl of always fresh water and food at will and life always smiles at us, we play with our little furry and human friends without thinking that seeing in black and white we lose some shade of color, no for us it is important to be happy so the problem is just a curiosity of you humans, but rest assured, we bring the color to you with our friendship and in our heart, because we just want you to understand that the most important thing in life is friendship and happiness and also we dogs have our rights.