Understanding the language of the dog

The dog and its language

Understanding Dog Language (Me and My Dog)
 is a guide practice written by Valeria Rossi, founder of the blog Meet the dog, which allows to establish the best possible relationship between us dogs and our humans. Often, I must admit, educating ourselves is not easy but the reason lies mainly in communication problems. The canine species, in fact, uses a different type of language than the human species and misunderstandings can be numerous. Thanks to this guide, it will be possible for bipeds to understand what we really mean so that they can behave accordingly.

We don't use words like you do, but our sounds are the barking, the moan and the growl. Sometimes it's easy to understand what these lines mean, other times it's not. In addition, we use mimicry a lot. Above all, the way we position our ears, in which we show our teeth or not, in which we lower our head or move our tail, are indicators of our feelings and emotions.

guide-dog-languageUnderstanding Dog Language (Me and My Dog)

The guide Understanding Dog Language (Me and My Dog), is accompanied by numerous photographs that, with the help of the text, explain what we really want to communicate with our gestures. Understanding the needs, needs and emotions of us dogs allows you to create a real relationship dog-man that is not based on fear but on sincere affection.

As long as we can remember, the dog is considered man's best friend and based on this concept you can create a relationship that is bilateral, with us dogs who satisfy the verbal requests of bipeds and with you humans who understand what we ask or show you with the verses and with the movements.

By following the guide, you can be sure of breeding a dog well-mannered, who does not destroy objects in the house, does not attack guests and does not bark for no reason. All this because like men, we dogs need to be understood too. Only in this way can we open our hearts, live happy and make you happy.

It is often believed that animals only need to eat and sleep. This is absolutely not true. While we dogs constantly ask for food and tranquility, on the other we also need to feel your presence and your affection. Even a simple caress, or spending the day with you can make us really happy.

For dogs, time passes much faster than for humans and much more intensely. If one day you see us sad, it is not necessarily because we are hungry, but because we want to feel closer to you. If you take us to the mountains or to the sea, for us it will seem to have spent a lot time together with the most important person in our life. If, on the other hand, you leave us alone in the house, or tied to a chain, for us it will be like spending eternity abandoned.

Understanding these little things is important to us and the time has come for humans to work hard to understand us too. We have the flair to know when you are down morale and you had a bad day. For this reason we come close to you, give you some licks and make you understand that, after all, your life is not totally empty. It seems right that you too begin to reciprocate.

The manual Understanding Dog Language (Me and My Dog) it also gives useful notions on the concept of dominance or submission, on the usefulness of positive reinforcements and on the often useless negative reinforcements, but also on attention, curiosity and respect. It is not only the human-dog relationship that is analyzed, but also that with other animals, dogs or not. We are however social animals and, as such, we relate to our colleagues and to the other species that populate our habitat and, in order to create a relationship and not a clash, it is necessary to avoid misunderstandings.

Understanding Dog Language (Me and My Dog)