With your dog at the dog friendly Resort

Fonteverde Resort Dog Friendly

My name is Jack, I will sin of modesty, but I am a splendid little dog. I am almost 3 years old, I am still a young man!
When I was 4 months old, I was adopted by my two-legged parents, Benedetta and Manuel.

Since that day, we have never separated: we have become so united that our first year with the family, we have always spent it between home and parks suitable for me. We never took a little vacation, because my parents didn't want to leave me for days with a nanny and since there are few hotels that accept me dad got a move and found this site where they invited me to tell about our experienceTrip For Dog, where there are all the places where to go on holidays with a dog and I thank them very much for both the experience and the invitation.
Fortunately, a few months ago, my dad discovered that in Tuscany, more precisely in the Val d'Orcia, in the province of Siena, a splendid place is located: the Fonteverde Resort!
When my dad told my mom he found it a place where I would be a welcome guest, we both weren't in the skin!

So we headed to beautiful Tuscany and when we arrived, they delivered us a set of accessories, all for me: a blanket, a towel and a bowl, all crammed into a very elegant handbag in which my mother recognized the logo of the famous designer Lucilla Bollati.

After the friendly welcome, we were able to recover from the trip and put our bags in the our room.
It was a gorgeous room! Equipped for my stay, and I immediately noticed that the floor was tiled, with no carpet, so if I had a little pee accident, or if I got a little dirty, my humans would not have to feel guilty for my damage. In addition, I have a lot of hair, I would have been very sorry, to leave tufts attached to the carpet.
As soon as we finished packing, we went down to have lunch. I was unable to enter the restaurant, which was the only place not accessible to us puppies, but I was able to meet some very nice playmates, both four and two-legged.
After lunch, we have I visited the large green areas surrounding the Resort, where I was able to run freely, and play with the other furry guests.

When we're in our house in the city, I never get a chance to go wild like this, I had a great time!
But the best surprises, the Resort revealed to me the next day: In the morning, after breakfast, I was able to take a relaxing thermal bath!

Yes, that's right: the Fonteverde Resort has one thermal pool dedicated to us dogs, more dog friendly than that… I had never had such an experience! The water was pleasantly heated and the Resort staff also explained to us that the thermal water is good for my bones and my skin.

Before lunch, my parents decided to visit Pienza, a beautiful medieval village not far from the Resort, and they had lunch outside.
During the week, at our house, when they go out to work, I stay all alone at home, so when they warned me that they would go for a ride without me, I was initially disappointed. to be left alone!

Fortunately, it didn't go like this: in fact, I spent a very pleasant day in the company of a dog sitter made available to me by the resort, which led me again to play in the wide open spaces that I had already known the afternoon before.
Unfortunately, the next morning we went home for the needs of my humans, but dad promised me that this summer we will return to Fonteverde Resort, and I can't wait to go back! YUPPIIIII