With the dog at the dentist, for the little ones it is a boon

Fighting odontophobia with your dog at the dentist

Hello everyone! My name is Book and I am a beautiful (or so my mom always tells me) golden retriever of two and a half years. I live with the whole family in the beautiful lands of Ponente Ligure, in the province of Genoa. I I am a very sociable dog, a real playful but at the same time I am very caring with my human friends, whom I love very much and whom I could never do without. My mom has a beautiful baby. His name is Joseph and I really consider him a little brother. Although he is 7 years old and I am only 2, I like to take care of him, protect him from any danger and play with him.

There are places, however, where I just cannot accompany my little brother Joseph. And my mom always tells me that I have to be patient. However, I sometimes see anxiety and worry in Joseph's eyes when he has to go to one of these forbidden places, that is to the dentist. I've never been to the dentist, but my little brother always tells me how much he doesn't like this and how scared he is of those strange tools that are used. How bad it is to feel helpless! A few days ago, however, something important happened. I found myself reading (yes, because no one knows here at home but I can also read ... but also write: D) a press release announcing the imminent possibility for younger patients to be accompanied by the dog to the dentist. According to what I have read, in fact, dental phobia affects a percentage ranging from 5 to 19% of children, and Joseph is really no exception. But it is not surprising since everyone seems to have a certain awe towards the dentist. 10% have an uncontrolled phobia, 25% postpone treatment as much as possible in order not to undergo the much hated drill and as many as 60% want to escape the moment they set foot in a dental office.

At this point, I'm just wondering one thing: is it really that bad to go to the dentist?

Anyway, no more chatter: let's go back to the speech I was doing. Within this article I read we talked about the benefits of Pet Therapy, through which, with the help of a dog, a cat or any pet animal, the medical care to be given to patients can be improved, or rather their effectiveness is improved. What a great feeling for a dog like me to read this news! And do you know what the beauty is? That the first dental practice in Italy where you can experiment with this new therapy is located right near our house in Genoa.

To all the skeptics, who cannot understand what great power our closeness can have for our human friends, I want to say one thing: these treatments will always take place, taking all possible hygiene for granted. Before entering the studio, my 4-legged friends (appropriately trained for Pet Therapy) will be washed and, subsequently, the studio will be properly sanitized. So, no fear! Everyone will be able to go to the dentist, as there is no risk of contagion or infection.
I, who reason with the heart and who love my human little brother extremely well, I can only be very happy with this novelty, to try it just contact at the dental office of Doctor Rosella Grillone in Genoa (tel. 010/6140695). Visits with a 17-legged companion are open from 4 March, for one more smile and one less tear! Here is the great power of us dogs!