With a dog in Mirabilandia
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A dog with the whole family in Mirabilandia

mirabilandia it is a fantastic place, full of fun, full of children and happy families who love to spend unforgettable days. But the best thing is that all those families who wish bring their four-legged friend with them, they can do it safely.

Precisely for this reason my family had a lot of fun: I who am a little dog are welcome in this wonderful amusement park that is Mirabilandia. I spent an unforgettable day with my owners who took me to the green spaces of the Park and in the entertainment areas. I definitely preferred it: I love being outdoors. In fact, it doesn't matter to me if my dog ​​friends are not allowed access to indoor spaces such as the restaurant for example. Plus I also enjoyed staying always near and under the control of my humans.

With all those people I could also have lost myself, but they always kept me close so as not to take risks. The muzzle is also to carry around for safety but it is not necessary to put it on if I behave well.

My family had forgotten to bring my muzzle with them, but it was easy to solve this problem because a simple request to the information office of the Park was enough. They provided me with a muzzle in my size that must always be at hand and they lent it to me simply by leaving an identity document, so I too had the permission to go to outdoor places to have fun together with the my family.

Of course, after a day in the Park I happened to have the need to carry out my regular needs, but my owners, as usual, were provided with the special hygienic kit consisting of a shovel and bag to collect and throw away my bisognini. My owners always use the hygienic kit, but in the Mirabilandia park it is mandatory, so all the other families who bring their friend with these legs are also obliged not to forget the hygienic kit. All those who do not have it can buy it directly in the Park.
If you are thinking that my family has spent a lot of money to bring me to the park too, you are wrong! In fact, both dogs and children under the age of ten can enter the Mirabilandia Park for free. Really amazing! And that's not all! In fact, in this period there is also an unmissable offer.

From only 24,90 € it is possible to buy a ticket online instead of € 34,90 or there is the family offer which includes tickets for 2 adults + 2 children for only 89 € instead of 125 € and the next day if you stay 2 days, it's free. All those who wish to take advantage of this offer must accept some general conditions provided. First of all he must necessarily, or still be in possession of the ticket he used to enter the park of Mirabilandia on the first day, or, alternatively, on his first day of visit to the Park, before leaving, he must go to one of the stations, he must bring with you the entrance ticket for that day and proceed with the validation so as to make the ticket accessible also for the following day. For more information about this unmissable offer, you can view the reference site. However, it must be remembered that this is an offer that includes entry into the park (with small limitations) only and exclusively if you go to Mirabilandia the next day, without even a day of posting.

It is truly an unmissable opportunity: two days of fun for the whole family, including four-legged friends!