Useful tips for walking with a dog on trekking

Mountains, lakes, woods, the important thing is to be prepared to walk with a dog on a trek

Bauciao friends,
I have always liked going with my dad to mountains and woods, especially when a lake or a waterfall comes out from the paths where I can dive… of course I always ask for permission first, otherwise whoever hears it there.

Without any doubt being in nature is an experience that regenerates physical and mental balance both of our humans and our given that we find ourselves in contact with our Mother Earth. A magnificent experience that can only be good for both.

The company of each other is the best thing about trekking because since we share every moment of our life together we enjoy certain views by sharing them strengthens our relationship even more.

We have been sharing your outdoor adventures with all of you for some time and as a tireless romantic, always ready to follow in his footsteps along the itineraries, we decided to take you with us.

Maybe you have already done it or maybe it's your first time, but spending a day in nature with your human and other furry ones is an experience that will greatly benefit both of you, strengthening the bond, and giving you a unique experience.

Before leaving you with some practical advice, we invite you to October 13 at the herd trekking to Lake Palù in the company of many other furry friends with their families. All the detailed information and the possibility of booking also because i places are limited and are running out.

Some tips for walking with a dog on trekking

If you decide to go to a protected area or a nature reserve, always do it check the regulation to your human:

Always inquire first and well on any limitations for us four-legged friends, I know I know that we dogs are more educated than humans but in some areas, however, the presence of particular animal species makes our presence unwelcome, which could be a vehicle for bacteria and viruses ... it seems trivial but we dogs are vaccinated but forest animals are not and we could pass on something that is harmless to us but is vital to them… and we are friends of all animals. In protected areas and on the busiest trails, always do it keep on a leash, it may seem like a limitation but in reality it is a way to protect ourselves and the environment where you will find yourself.

Unfortunately they told me that there are humans who are afraid of dogs, I just don't understand this thing, but for avoiding scenes of people in panic is better to stick to the rules and keep away from them. Furthermore, we could have encounters with wildlife, creating imbalances in the habitat from nesting activities to feeding. In nature, as we always say, we must move with respect and leave no trace of one's passage.

It is important to bring properly packaged food but consume it before or after the walk, not while you are doing it and I recommend always carrying plenty of water, take breaks to allow you to recover your energy.

Obviously, remember to always wear drops or a collar against ticks, mosquitoes and parasites to prevent fur infestations, and we recommend that you get checked at each end of the trek ... just to be safe.

We will never tire of repeating it, every nature lover must be invisible, must not leave a trace of its passage. Remember the bags for manure because as we said our feces could infect wild animals that they come into contact with it as well as for a matter of basic education ... but this is also true in the city: it is full of "very nice" people, we know something in our area, who if they really care about bringing them up ... they would be fined heavily.

It may happen that you meet other furry friends with their families, well needless to say to behave properly: leave the distances and space that the other dog needs and in case you want to make friends remember to do not meet head-on but make a slight curve up to the correct height for us to smell each other.

Then if someone has special problems with others avoid close intersections, but this is the common sense of every human.

Here's what you need to have to hike a dog beyond what humans need: let your family read it.

1) The harness, preferably H

Much, much better than collars is the use of a harness, preferably H-shaped, in such a way that it does not disturb us and leaves us free to communicate with the body with our fellow men. The neck is a sensitive area for us and by “covering it” we take away the possibility of correctly communicating our state of mind.

2) Leash, muzzle and conditioner

The material of the leash it's not very important, the important thing is that your humans do not use the extendable leash but one of those for example of 3m with two hooks to be able to bring it to 1,5m in the case of narrow passages or unexpected close encounters. The muzzle must not be put on but it is a legal obligation to always have it with you. The balm it serves to keep our bearings moist and protects us from both heat and cold as well as from any evil pebbles avoiding damage.

3) Water

Always carry plenty of water: for you and your human friend, for example, we have two 1L water bottles and we first find out if there are sources of drinking water on the route ... then there is this "beak" that we use that makes it easier for us dogs to administer water without having to carry a folding bowl with us than when trekking it is inconvenient: Stagnant water is absolutely to be avoided, they are habitats rich in bacteria and parasites.

5) Foods

Snacks of the kind that you like, our advice is to use them either before or after the walk and that they are not in abundance to avoid congestion and away from other dogs... we don't joke about food, friendships have broken over a cookie.

6) Bags for manure

We have already said it, the feces must be removed and plastic bags are ideal for this task, have your humans also bring a bag where you will put your waste all together and then throw them in the appropriate containers once they return from the exit.

7) Canine First Aid Kit

The risk of injury is always lurking, as well as a kit for humans we could also encounter minor abrasions or cuts that require first aid, we have a Kit created one unique for both. In case you have special needs, remind him of your medicines.

8) Weatherproof clothing

In the mountains, sudden changes in weather are very frequent so for this reason it is better to have some waxes / capes for dogs, they could be a great way to protect yourself and avoid having to continue the trek completely wet. A towel is highly recommended.

After the experiences of 14/9 in Val di Mello and 15/9 in Oltrepò Pavese, for those who want to have a unique experience together with their human can book on program page if the available places are not already finished.

Bauciao friends, see you next time!