Kill that heat
Kill that heat

Here the day before yesterday it was 45 °, today there are "only" 39 °… We are cooked! They had warned us but from Malaga to Madrid we could not stop at least one day ... There are so many things to see, at least those from outside ... because we dogs do not enter almost anywhere here.

Apart from i beautiful parks, the simaptic dogs and the beautiful people we met until now officially there is no dog area and actually we have met very few dogs, with the heat that is I understand it ... My human and I have an abundance of drink but we gasp without mercy. We do our usual tour of the attractions of the center but perhaps it would be better to take refuge in the hotel because in the air-conditioned rooms the entry to me is not allowed anywhere except in the tables of the patios outside… Which are a marvel and typical of Cordoba… So we take courage and go on.

Turning around we meet Flú, true Madridian and his human Laura, we immediately pack up, and decide to continue the Cordobese exploration together ... and right at the "cordobesa”We stop to eat, it's a place near the cathedral, the specialty is there grilled meat, obviously something magically fell off the table and my new friend Flú and I brushed it all off in nano seconds 🙂
The parks are all accessible but only on leash and the fountains scattered around the city help all four of us stay hydrated.

At the little park in front of the mosque
At the little park in front of the mosque

Behind the cathedral / mosque Mela e Flú we can finally play free among the ancient Roman ruins, right on the right of the ancient Roman bridge (also really beautiful).
Cordoba at night is wonderful, there is not much nightlife in the sense of "fiesta fiesta" but it is certainly liveable and the pace slows down again.

Turning and losing ourselves as we like it we come across a Neighborhood Association in the city center, a continuous mix of Roman and Arab architecture. This place is great, eat, drink and talk late into the night in a huge courtyard with late-night tables in a huge courtyard with open-air tables and we dogs socialize with those of the neighborhood. If you pass by here know that during the day it is really tough, because of the heat, but at night if you like to meet new people and relax it is really wonderful. Returning to the hotel we know Rumba and Lula and their humans: Rafa and girlfriend. Humans talk a lot about the dog situation while we play chasing each other in a passing park. Rafa tells my dad that the owners in Cordoba are considered criminals because they have to occupy the parks "illegally" but nobody does anything to change the situation ... when my human Marco tells him about this blog he is enchanted and promised that he will tell us everything what he knows about his city and the places he has visited. Thanks Rafa, lick to my golden friends Lula and Samba!


Hola Marco, muchas gracias por acordarte de nosotros. fue muy agradable el rato de charla que tuvimos en el parque y te felicito por este gran proyecto que has puesto en marcha, porque somos muchos los que amamos a estos amigos de cuatro patas. Un saludo y muchísima suerte y lo prometido es deuda ... cuenta con mi apoyo para aportar toda the information that pueda obtener. Rafa

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