Free rides even with a dog with Uber
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Free rides in Milan, Rome, Turin and Genoa even with a dog or a cat

Today is a difficult day for the movements due to the national strike of local public transport called by the Usb e Uber drivers today offer you the ride for FREE.

In any case, to ensure efficient travel for citizens today Uber gives rides for free a Milan, Rome, Turin and Genoa, even with a dog following new users with a ticket or bus pass. Once booked, it will be enough to agree with the driver. Obviously, you have to behave politely and not get dirty.

Most of the drivers are well happy to carry pets such as cats and dogs, but this remains their decision.

If you want to travel with your 4-legged friend, we recommend that you call the driver as soon as the request is confirmed, in order to coordinate with her / him. We always suggest bringing a bag or container that minimizes dirt in the car.

We remind you that all professional drivers are required by law to carry registered service animals. If you have problems moving with your pet, contact support Uber and they will solve the problem by immediately contacting the driver closest to you.

If in the future you want to use the chauffeured system FREE up to € 10 use our GOOD DISCOUNT by clicking here, is valid only for those who are not yet registered.

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