What do dogs dream when they sleep: yelps, runs but also erotic dreams

How and what do dogs dream when they sleep

Hi, I'm Ulysses, I have a real passion for pigeons that are placed between my paws, chicken morsels and Gaia, the baby boy who has recently arrived in the house where I have lived for almost five years. Tonight? I had a bad dream.

Yes, because we dogs dream, even if to you humans it may seem a bit strange. Actually, if you watched us more carefully, you wouldn't be surprised what I'm about to say: often when we sleep we emit yelps, we move the tail uncontrollably, we ring, we moan e we move the paws.

What do you think all this means? That we are dreaming, in fact, and indeed we are often having real nightmares.
It happens to us in that sleep phase that you humans call REM, that is, when sleep is deepest, and you want to know what dogs dream about when they sleep? Well we usually relive the events that happened to us during the day.

If it comes to pleasant events, our sleep is peaceful and our human at best he will hear us purr placidly.
If instead we relive stressful moments, fears, strong emotions, then our sleep will be very agitated, and we will happen to move in an accelerated way, legs, head, tail, even to roll our eyes!

Exactly as it happens for you bipeds, even we furry ones are able to re-elaborate, during the dream, what happened, and this says a lot about our cognitive and behavioral system which actually makes us similar to all other mammals where memory creation works pretty much the same way.

And therefore dear human, we too dream. And our dream activity depends not only on what happens to us during the day but also on our physical size, age, weight. The smallest of our species (small in age and size) have short but very frequent dreams, while the well planted ones (and adults) have very long sleeps, which seem to never end.

What do we dream of? Would you like to know, right? I can't tell you everything, but I'll just give you a few clues. I dream, exactly as it happens to you, what happens to me during the day, but often reworking it.
Whether it's chasing a cat, a pigeon, of bark at a shadow, run, to chew a delicious ham bone, lie down in the sun on the back, a swim in the sea, to go on vacation with my family in a 4-legged hotel o enjoy the caresses of humans, we have a wide choice.

And I'll tell you more, some scientists (but I don't intend to give you confirmation, I have a certain sense of modesty) say that we hairy also have dreams with a high erotic rate! You got it right, it seems that even us during sleep happen to flirt with some beautiful little dog or doggie (tastes are tastes), but of course in this case we have absolutely no desire to be awakened, indeed we would like the dream to last as long as possible!

Rather, when you see us very agitated in our sleep, dear biped, there is one thing you can do: reassure us: Caress us slowly, on the head, on the back, the touch of your hand will give us a lot of security and even if we happen to wake up, so much the better, our nightmare will be gently interrupted.

I recommend that you never wake up suddenly, suddenly: Not only would you increase our fear, but the risk is that we can have an aggressive reaction towards you. Involuntary, of course, but still violent. Better not take any chances, right? How would you react if you woke up with a start ?!