Things that dogs do and what they mean

All those things dogs do

Have you ever wondered because of those things that dogs often do to you humans are incomprehensible? I will gladly explain it to you, but first let me introduce myself!

Hello, my name is Rex and I am a German shepherd nearly nine years old. I live happily in Palermo with my beloved humans Vito, Lucia, Maria and Domenico. They welcomed me lovingly into their family when I was a puppy of just forty days. Since that time, my life has been a passing of unforgettable moments: daily walks, runs in the park and visits to the country house. My dad and my mom always did everything to educate me with great love and patience but many times they struggled to understand some of my attitudes for me, however, natural and meaningful. Can I give you some concrete examples?

On the first day, in my new home, I was happy but also very, very confused. I knew nothing of that place and everything seemed foreign to me; I felt so lonely and insecure. My only security? Wrap me tightly around my feet of my new human friend! There I was so peaceful, protected and how I slept well in that position!

After a few days I was already used to my new family. The hours passed happier and more serene. Unfortunately, however, like every puppy, I combined all the colors! My unbridled desire to gnaw everything my mom didn't like it at all, and my dad didn't like it at all, so much so that she screamed at me when she saw a torn pillow. What fear and what loneliness in feeling rejected! So I pulled out my irresistible sad face. With the tail between legs, bowed head and curved back I therefore submitted to my loved ones to be re-admitted to the "pack".

After this unfortunate incident, everything went smoothly. I had learned my lesson! From that moment on, I chose my most beautiful toys and placed them under the feet of my best friends. My aim was not to play, but to choose my "pack leader". But they didn't understand this gesture of mine and they threw them back to me (alas) immediately to make me play fetch ... not that I don't like playing eh ?!

Another gesture was to follow my sweet humans to the bathroom (and I still do). What does it mean to me? But it is clear! I want just show my affection to do everything together with them. My friends have understood now and let me in without problems, after all they too are there staring at me while I do my business and sometimes they even take pictures of me ... never a moment of privacy, but that's okay.

We hairy we have several ways to demonstrate our infinite love. For example when I unleashed everything my joy by jumping and running here and there if any of my loved ones come home (even if they have only been out for a few hours or even a few minutes) or when I run like crazy they take me to the dog beach: it's happiness! Indeed take a look at all 4-legged offers for the Immaculate Conception, it's really worth it. The same is true when I want licking their face and hands or when I get on mom and dad's fantastic bed in search of their smell and their warmth.

When my humans are sad or depressed, I share their mood and recognize that it is time to intervene to help them. I perceive everything from body language. So I gently approach and, without hesitation, I put my hairy head under their arm to comfort them. I listen to them and stay close to them until they smile again.

In short, they are attitudes of different species but which coexist happily together, after all it is enough to know them, just as there are specific meanings in the position in which we sleep.

Pay attention to it and always treat us with respect, as we do with you. And if there is something wrong ask yourself first what it might depend on instead of shouting at us, we need the time to learn to understand what you want from us.

A strong lick in the face of all friends! This means I love you


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